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Mexican Artificial Intelligence startups with a global profile

Kueski, Intellion, Kuona Analytics, Pro Indie Music, BrandMe, Homie, Bayonet, and SoldAI are transforming the way we work with Big Data.

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In recent years, Mexican startups have emerged considerably , so much so that many of them have become benchmarks not only in the region, but throughout the world.

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The reasons are various, from the enormous talent and potential that entrepreneurs have to exploit new digital technologies , to the geostrategic position that the country has.

Another factor that has a favorable influence is that currently in Mexico there are various supports, coming from both the private and government sectors, that promote the emergence of innovative and technological service startups .

And it is that for the national economy to continue growing, industries must have businesses that bet on innovation and that implement 4.0 technologies such as: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Robotics, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing , among other.

From emerging companies That focus on fintech , e-commerce and retail solutions, there are many Mexican Artificial Intelligence startups with a global profile . Below I share some of the most prominent in the national and international market.


Image: Kueski via Instagram

With the mission of making people's financial lives easier through innovation, Kueski has become the fastest growing digital financial services platform in Latin America .

This Mexican startup focuses on three products: a payment method that allows people to make purchases online without the need for cards of any kind ( Kueski Pay ), online loans ( Kueski Cash ) and payroll advances ( Kueski Up ).

"Using artificial intelligence in the financial services industry allows us to make better product decisions, better risk management, automate processes, fraud prevention and product impersonation," says Karen Herrera Santillán , PR and Editorial Senior Specialist of the company.


Image: Intellion

The startup Created recently, in 2020, it is responsible for capitalizing traffic (people, vehicles and objects) using technology based on deep learning.

"Through our sensors, we capture and convert the images into data to identify commercial, operational and business efficiencies," says José Carlos Castro Padilla , CEO of Intellion .

The projection of this company for the next three years is to have a presence in three countries and reach 65 clients.

Kuona Analytics

Image: Kuona Analytics via Facebook

This startup offers solutions using Artificial Intelligence , Through which it helps consumer and retail companies to optimize prices and promotions, as well as customer base and inventories.

Kuona Analytics uses technology based on the generation of neural networks that perform millions of interactions and scenarios to achieve predictions above 97% accuracy. The objective they pursue is to exploit Artificial Intelligence so that you are one step ahead of your competition .

Pro Indie Music

Image: Pro Indie Music

Through a mobile application, this Mexican company measures the growth of artists and, in turn, offers them opportunities and services to help them grow quickly and easily.

“At the moment we use machine learning to identify the level of growth of an artist, and link it with opportunities and personalized objectives to achieve constant growth. Our goal is to create an artificial intelligence virtual assistant that helps the management and management of an artist's career in their first steps in the music industry, ”says Marcelo Samuel Lara Guerrero , CEO of the company created in 2019.

It should be noted that since the launch of the mobile application on the market, in April 2021, the startup has had a growth of 600% . Currently Pro Indie Music has a presence in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Chile and Spain.


Image: BrandMe

Founded in 2013, BrandMe is in charge of automating information on social networks , with which it helps to detect the percentage of fake followers of any user in the digital universe.


Image: Homie

This Mexican startup uses Artificial Intelligence to solve two major problems in the real estate industry:

1) Find the optimal rental price of a property

2) The tenant's investigation, who is evaluated in seconds to help him find a home in the shortest possible time and without the need for an endorsement.

The company founded in 2015 already has more than five thousand active clients .


Image: Bayonet

With the rise of e-commerce, the rate of cyber-crimes has also increased, what Bayonet intends is to simplify the lives of honest digital merchants.

Through this company, e-commerce websites can identify scammers in less than a minute, even before the transaction is completed.

This startup uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to quickly identify warning signs in user activity .


Image: SoldAI via Instagram

Founded in 2015, this startup specializes in natural language processing.

“We created our own Conversational AI engine, which is consumed through our Comportia and Voxia platforms to create chatbots and telephone assistants that interact with clients and company collaborators. Unlike the status quo of chatbots that operate through a decision tree, SoldAI chatbots and telephone assistants can carry on a conversation based on conversation topics, which gives a more natural and flexible result for people ”, explains Israel Alejandro Cauich Viñas , Founder and CEO of the company.

In the next three years the company sees itself having clients in 45 countries.

Other Mexican Artificial Intelligence startups with a promising global profile are Gus.Chat , AIRA , Azul Chiclamino , Leadsales and Fractal Abogados .

These names allow us to observe the extraordinary current panorama of emerging companies in the country , which are increasingly attracting the attention of investors both nationally and internationally.

Surely many more will continue to impact and revolutionize the world market, since startups in Mexico have enormous human talent, highly creative and innovative, which makes the results more and more remarkable.