Technology, it's a Human Thing!

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There was a time when technology would impact human lives. Today is the time when technology has influenced our lives more so in the sense that it is increasingly redefining our everyday living. Whether it is education, healthcare, infrastructure, or business everything is run on technology. And technology is not having a one-way effect, it’s affecting how we consume, reflect, and represent our thoughts. Technology is not just a tool anymore; it has entered our daily lives and has become an extension of ours. The question as the human generation we face now is not how technology will impact our lives in the future but how we will evolve with technology. The best thing that has emerged out of the pandemic is technology equalizing it all. Anyone can study from anywhere from wherever they like, which means human created boundaries are being pushed back. Digital learning is available for all and not only for the chosen ones. This also brings to the fore our cover face – the man behind Zoho Corp, who’s creating job opportunities in rural areas where the talent can work with their global peers. All this can happen only because technology treats everyone as equals – without any bias. For me, technology has been a great leveler. Last year, after questioning where we are, this year we will get answers on where we will be as the adoption of technology has accelerated our needs to work together. At Entrepreneur looking at this rise of technology and founders being at the helm of this change, we launched our first IP of Techpreneurs in 2017. Five years down the line this transformation has truly been magnificent. Over these five years, technology has intertwined our lives and now technology and humans work in tandem. How we are adopting this technology for the greater good will lead us to what more can we achieve. This reminds me of our 2019 cover face Deepinder Goyal, who built the company stronger during the pandemic and now became the first unicorn to list on the bourses. Let’s hail more such unicorns making a debut in the public markets.