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TikTok is Testing an Instagram-Style 'Stories' Feature

A social media consultant posted tests of the feature on his Twitter account.

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Many people know of the "stories" feature that Snapchat first proposed in 2013, where people can post photos or videos that disappear in 24 hours. This featured has popped up on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and even on Twitter, a platform that recently eliminated them.

Matt Navarra vía Twitter

Now social network TikTok seeks to test this feature. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, posted screenshots of the feature on his Twitter account and the Verge confirmed the testing of this feature with a spokesperson for the short video platform.

The stories can be seen in a sliding sidebar on the left side of the application, and have a lifetime of 24 hours before disappearing automatically. As in the aforementioned social networks, users will have the possibility to react and comment.

According to the media outlet, the platform's spokesperson commented that it will be a new way of "interacting with fans." It seems that the feature will preserve the raw material of TikTok, which are short videos, and will not allow to publish still images.

So far it is unknown when this feature will come to light for all users, as the social network did not provide more details about the tests that are being carried out.

Despite bans from some, TikTok added 50 additional countries to its service map last year, expanding to more than 200 nations.

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