This Startup Provides A Winning Combination Of AI And Skilled Recruiters

The company aims to solve issues and roadblocks that arise at every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle

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The mass exodus of baby boomers from the labor pool and the rise of Generation Z is one reason today’s workforce is transforming so dramatically and will continue to do so over the next few decades. Another one is artificial intelligence (AI), as companies are still figuring out how to leverage the new technology and what impact machine learning will have on their businesses and workers.

Leena AI

In a constantly evolving job market, employers have a social responsibility to prepare their employees for a world that does not yet exist. The average shelf life of skills is less than five years, which means that helping employees learn and upskill is imperative to both their continued success and a company’s bottom line.

How can companies plan for future growth in light of so many unknowns? The answer is simple: They must prepare their current employees for the future of work.

But providing training alone isn’t enough-deeper assessments and more long-term plans are necessary to capture skills gaps, identify opportunities, and transition talent to where they’re both needed and where they want to go.

This is where Leena AI steps in. It is an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform that helps enterprises better employee experience.

Company chief executive officer and co-founder Adit Jain told Entrepreneur India, “Our intent is to be the ‘Siri for employees’ someday and to make employees’ lives easier. In terms of technology, we leverage conversational AI to automate several employee-centric processes and are a flexible platform that can take the needs of any organization and find a way to fulfill them. We concentrate on the whole of HR Service Delivery and help organizations transform the employee experience they offer.”

The company aims to solve issues and roadblocks that arise at every touchpoint across the employee lifecycle. Its product offerings include an employee onboarding module, document management system, intelligent case management system, knowledge management system, offboarding module, COVID-19 workplace response suite, and IT service delivery.

“We want to create a future where HR and IT personnel do not need to spend any time on mundane tasks and can simply concentrate on the nuanced and humane parts of employee experience,” Jain further said.

The US and Delhi-based AI-powered employee experience platform Leena AI recently announced to have raised an $8 million Series A funding round led by Greycroft to expand its go-to-market programmes and accelerate product development.

The round also included a personal investment from Adam Miller, founder of Cornerstone OnDemand, Alan Patricof, chairman of Greycroft, and Jim Moffatt, ex-chairman/CEO of Deloitte Consulting.

The funding will allow Leena AI to continue its momentum by helping the world’s top enterprises to modernize their legacy internal helpdesk systems to better their employee experience.

The latest funding round brings the total amount raised by the firm to $10 million.

According to the company, with Leena AI, companies can eliminate the need for HR staff to work on tasks such as answering policy-related questions, knowledge management, generating employee documents on demand, and managing employee tickets so they can focus on high-value activities.

Founded in 2018, the company plays well with 20 plus platforms, including SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Oracle, Workday, and Microsoft Office 365, and companies like Nestle, Puma, AirAsia, Coca-Cola, Lafarge Holcim, and Abbott India Ltd rely on the platform.

At the moment, The company has over 1,000,000 employees across the globe who use Leena AI. The platform has welcomed more than 200 enterprise customers on board and has helped save millions of dollars for its customers.

Jain claimed that customers love their implementations and have helped them bring down the turnaround time for employee query resolution, set up their HR virtual assistant to be available for employees 24x7x365, given them access to real-time employee feedback, and helped increase engagement rates in turn decreasing attrition.

The pandemic has fueled business with more than half of those customers coming on board this year. He says this is because companies are looking for ways to digitize processes like HR as employees are working from home more.

“This is a trend that’s going to continue as organizations have realized the value of doing things with more and more digital applications taking care of your processes, especially mundane, repeatable tasks being handed over to technology more and more. The pandemic has also opened up a window for opportunity for us as HR tech is now a necessity and no more a choice. It makes our HR virtual assistant a lot more relevant and allows us to tap into the specific HR and employee needs that this situation will create. The pandemic has also made us re-think our role and has shown us how important it is to come up with solutions that make remote and hybrid working environments more lucrative,” Jain believes.

Most of its growth has come from rightly understanding its customer’s issues and resolving them. The company takes a solution-centric approach and tries its best to ensure that its customers’ investments bring them desired outcomes, the establishment shared.

“We plan to launch more products for other departments: finance, sales, facilities, etc. Our team size will reach around 700 in the next two years,” he further shared.