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Hot Wheels presented a limited edition electric bicycle and it is not a toy

The prototype is homologated for the street and only 24 copies will be released.

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Are you a fan of Hot Wheels toy cars? The toy brand teamed up with the Super73 bike company and released the Hot Wheels X Super73-RX e-Bike. This is a limited edition full-scale electric “bike” that you can ride.

The prototype of this vehicle is homologated for the street and only 24 copies of the bicycles will be released. It has driving modes of various classes and runs on a 960 watt-hour battery.

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"The Hot Wheels x SUPER73-RX also runs the new SUPER73 connected electronics suite and is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices through the new SUPER73 app," they explain in its description .

The “bike” features a custom embroidered seat and handlebar pad, stainless steel panel, black chain, battery tank protectors, BDGR tires with bronze rims specifically for this model.

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Its price is 5,000 dollars (approximately 100,867 Mexican pesos). However, on the page it is already shown as out of stock.