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Wisen Up

With the SMARTpen, it's easy.

  • LCI SMARTpen Inc.
  • Street price: $30-$300 (depending on software licensing fees)
  • (800) 330-0473
  • Web site:

Worried about someone stealing your cyber identity? For an affordable and secure way to conduct business online, get a SMARTpen. Equipped with sensors that track the dynamics of how you sign, the SMARTpen takes into account the speed, pressure and angle in which the pen is held when you're signing, instead of just the graphic qualities of your signature, which can be easily imitated. Its enhanced BiAS (biometric authentication system) software creates a small, encrypted signature template that is used to authenticate your identity. The SMARTpen is compatible with future wireless standards, including Bluetooth.

This story appears in the March 2001 issue of Startups. Subscribe »