How Virtual Campus Hiring Is Increasing Job Opportunities For Students

Hiring remotely is budget-friendly because of the exclusion of all the costs related to conventional hiring, like booking campuses, arranging hospitality, and conveyance

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When it comes to recruitment, a preferred choice of employers continues to be hiring from college and university campuses. Campus recruitment not only helps students get an insight into organisational work and workplace culture but also enables employers to hire fresh, creative, enthusiastic and loyal talent. The circumstances arising because of the pandemic made campus recruitment drives from educational institutions practically impossible. Increased adoption of virtual education also translated into campus recruitment being reimagined, resulting in increased job opportunities for students.  


Virtual recruitment has opened up a whole new world for companies. Now that remote/virtual workspace has become ubiquitous, recruiting virtually has become a boon for organisations. Even before the crisis arising because of the pandemic, hiring remotely offered benefits such as reduced process costs, flexibility for employers, employees as well as recruiters. During the pandemic virtual recruiting has been the perfect answer to maintain social distancing norms. 

Moreover, hiring remotely is budget-friendly because of the exclusion of all the costs related to conventional hiring, like booking campuses, arranging hospitality and conveyance. Recruiters are able to assess potential candidates from any place with the assistance of technology. Virtual recruitment has made the process of hiring seamless, eliminating geographical, logistical, and time constraints altogether. It has opened gates for employers to locate talent and hire them from anywhere. Employers are able to look for the necessary skills from tier I and tier II cities as well, where campus recruitment drives would not have been possible before. 

Companies are able to organise end-to-end, exhaustive campus drives online at a single place where students can apply for multiple companies, which either would not have been possible in a physical setting or would have required elaborate planning and extensive use of monetary resources. Reputed organisations such as Shell, RBS, SAP, ITC, Maruti Suzuki, and many more have already recognised the benefits of remote recruitment, and are reaping its benefits with the help of industry leaders in the virtual hiring process.

Virtual hiring programs provide solutions for campus intelligence with reports on skills, courses, and good talent from various campuses. The tools also help to analyse the placement of students and the companies where they are recruited, what colleges are best for which skill, through dashboards that can be personalised according to the needs of the organisation and enable them to seamlessly hire the right candidates proficiently. Services like an extensive database of best potential candidates, extensive relationships across a diverse set of campuses, accessibility to campus experts, and various other facilities help these organisations to make an intelligent and informed selection of potential candidates.

A perfect example for conducting the search for the best candidates is hackathons. Organising online virtual hackathons helps to foster innovation and provides engaging opportunities for students to experience work-life and understand work culture. Engagement with talent across campuses also creates strong brand visibility for an organisation during the process. Hackathons help organisations to hire the best talent in form of exceptional problem solvers and coders that too while innovating with the best minds to solve challenges effectively and efficiently.

These meticulously curated tools offered by the industry leaders are the answer to all the remote hiring needs by providing proper screening and selection through virtual assessments proctored remotely via AI-based technologies, video interviews, simulators, and other tests. These platforms offer all-in-one virtual recruitment solutions for adapting to the ever-changing requirements for hiring the best and most capable candidates through a streamlined process.