Best Thriller Movies on Netflix to Watch this Weekend

We've got your weekend covered with these #FridayBinge

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With hundreds of movies lined up on Netflix, driving your attention to choose the right one is not easy. It can be really complicated to search the best for your weekend watch on Netflix. This is why we are here to break down some great movies for that can keep you on the edge. Here are some gripping thrillers and fabulous movies to watch on Netflix this weekend:


The Big Lebowski

Ethon and Joel followed up the Fargo, which is the biggest hit on their careers. With the story of Lebowski, the Jeff Bridges, unforgettably played the character of “The Due”. In his most dramatic iconic role, Jeff Bridges has captured a kind of indolent L.A. style, which in turn flicked into a comedian classic style movie that is being quoted now everywhere in the world and is widely celebrated.


Ethan Hawke surprisingly did it at all. This incredible character in Blazeis about the life of a musician named Blaze Foley who died at his young age. Ben Dickey has also played an excellent roleasthe title character and supporting actors Alia Shawkat, Kris Kristofferson, Steve Zahn, and Sam Rockwell have also maintained significant appearance of their roles. Overall, the movie enlightens about the ersatz communities that formed around musicians.

The Bling Ring

Directed by Sofia Coppola, this 2013’s true story is an elaboration about a group of some young people of Los Angeles who start robbing only celebrities. It is a devalued drama about privileges and desires that filtered along with vibrant viewpoints of filmmaker.Talented young actors including Taissa Farmiga and Emma Watson make it a charm to watch.

Boogie Nights

Played by Paul Thomas Anderson who is always considered by the top filmmakers; this movie is released as a masterpiece about the life in Los Angeles low-life areas. Mark Wahlberg who has never better than he emerged in this movie is also present. We can also applaud for the great work done by Julianne Moore.It’s a classic thriller and must watch.

Casino Royale

It has been postponed many times due to COVID, now Netflix is right here to quench the thirst of masses with Daniel Craig as the most incredible spy of all the time. This can be easily the best movie that redefines classic characters with intense stakes and credible actions sequences. Another top notch film that you should definitely watch.