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Netflix released two 'Stranger Things' video games to play from its app, here is everything you need to know

The streaming platform finally dabbled in video games. Its first two releases are inspired by the 'Stranger Things' series and here we tell you how they can be played.

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As has been rumored for some time, Netflix entered the world of video games with its new Netflix Gaming division. The streaming platform premiered the section with two adventures based on the hit series Stranger Things . Here we tell you how it works.

IGN vía YouTube

The new Netflix Gaming video games are called 'Stranger Things: 1984' and 'Stranger Things 3: The Game' . These titles were developed under a licensing agreement in 2017 and 2019, respectively, to coincide with the premiere of the series' second and third seasons.

Through a statement, the company said that the project is still in a very early stage and they are working to improve the experience in the coming months. For now, the video games section is only available to users in Poland , as part of an initial test.

Netflix also commented that its goal is to offer free games to its subscribers, without advertising, ads, or in-app purchases. In addition, they promise that the new video game section will be available to all subscribers of the service.

In mid-July, Netflix Gaming hired Mike Verdu as Vice President of Game Development . The new signing has extensive experience in video games, as companies such as Zynga , EA Mobile and the AR / CR division of Facebook stand out on his resume. Perhaps this arrival was the key that accelerated the company's plans.

How can I play Netflix video games?

As we said, at the moment this function is only available for Polish users , and only in the Netflix app for smartphones with Android system . This group of subscribers will be able to access the 'Stranger Things' video games from the application, but it has its trick.

When entering the Netflix app , the user will see the newly released video games in the feed . When you click, they will automatically redirect you to the Google Play Storeto download them . Once installed on the device, users can access both titles directly from the application, but they will not be displayed within it, but independently.

It should be noted that the 'Stranger Things' video games launched by Netflix Gaming are only available in its mobile app and cannot be played from the television or computer . In that sense, the company clarified that it does not plan to stream the games, but they will be downloaded.

Netflix did not give more details or any tentative date for its video games to reach other countries or the iOS system for iPhone users to enjoy.