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This alliance seeks to train Mexican entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in the US

The purpose is to cut the investment and business learning curve between both countries, through the collaboration between the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs' Organization.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As part of its comprehensive strategy to consolidate the expansion of Mexican entrepreneurs in the United States, the Association of Mexican Entrepreneurs (AEM) announced an alliance with Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) , the purpose of this collaboration is to design joint strategies that provide greater projection to national entrepreneurs who want to cross borders through their business.


The joint project responds to the interest of both institutions to provide tools for education, approach and collaboration between entrepreneurs so that through their experience and knowledge they support new stakeholders in reaching the US market and cutting the learning curve when it comes to making business.

“It is an alliance of similar associations to proactively make collaborations between businessmen both in Mexico and the United States and we believe that the AEM is the perfect recipient because it is not only an economic support agency, but also gives advice, support and memberships, is an integral impulse and a very great added value for entrepreneurs who want to do business in that country, ”said Enrique Presburger, president of EO Chapter CDMX, during a digital event in which both organizations signed an agreement of collaboration.

According to data from the United States Department of Commerce, during the first five months of 2021, Mexico once again consolidated itself as the main commercial partner of the United States with a growth of 30.4%, after China occupied that position last year.

Although the pandemic has been a transcendental agent of change for doing business, the United States remains one of the most attractive countries to undertake, on the one hand due to the tax incentives that reactivated the economy in record time, but also due to its significant progress in vaccination schedules.

In this regard, Ileana López, executive director of AEM added that “the United States economy is growing very strongly after the pandemic with projections of 1.4% above what was planned. It is a market that has much to offer Mexican entrepreneurs, the key is to have a support network that allows this transition to be friendly, intelligent and full of learning so that they can make the most of the opportunities that this country offers, there lies the importance of this alliance ”.

According to World Bank forecasts, this year the United States will achieve growth of 6.8% "as a result of large-scale fiscal support and the reduction in restrictions established due to the pandemic."

The sum of forces drives growth

The AEM and the OE detailed that their alliance includes three specific actions:

Soft landing strategies. The AEM has among its partners entrepreneurs with more than 30 years doing business in the United States, this allows them to establish direct lines of communication with new entrepreneurs and take advantage of the experience of their partners to promote effective soft landing strategies, but above all comprehensive, that not only contemplate commercial or legal aspects, but also the integration of the employer's family.

These consultancies consist of talks and conferences, as well as a one-to-one mentoring program for EO partners, where between 6 and 8 entrepreneurs from Texas and California will be donating part of their time and knowledge.

Trip to Washington. On October 25 and 26, both organizations will make a trip to this city, it is the first binational visit of Mexican entrepreneurs as well as Texas and California. The purpose is to add the voices of the Mexican business community to dialogue with their US counterparts on common issues and strengthen the bridges in the American Congress and the Chamber of Commerce of that country.

Financing options. Finally, the agreement between both institutions contemplates the possibility of establishing commercial alliances, since EO members have capital to invest in Mexican companies that are already in the United States and whose entrepreneurs are part of the AEM, thus both promote the development of their members and strengthen the community of national entrepreneurs.

With the signing of this alliance, the two organizations endorsed the importance of joining forces to generate more opportunities for growth, work and well-being for Mexican companies and those who work in them.

"The union is strength and despite the complex environment, Mexican businessmen have organizations that are there to support them, separately we have made great efforts but together we can achieve many more," said the representatives of both organizations.