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Mexican startup Flat.mx raises $ 20 million

Proptech previously raised $ 10 million in equity and $ 25 million in debt.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

The startup Mexican industry of the proptech Flat.mx raised an investment round of $ 20 million in Series A Anthemis backed by 500 Startups, along with continued investments ALLVP and Expa. Previously, the Mexican company had already raised $ 10 million in equity and $ 25 million in debt.

Cortesía Flat.mx
Víctor Noguera y Bernardo Cordero, fundadores de Flat.mx

Flat.mx was founded two years ago by Bernardo Cordero and Víctor Noguera as a real estate startup that takes the stress and uncertainty out of buying and selling a home. It uses technology and data with the promise of closing the transaction in a maximum of 10 days through its successful business model and thus becoming the “super real estate app” in Mexico .

Within the real estate market there are many problems, some of them are, lack of information about the sector; contractors that are not regulated and much less certified, as well as complicated and long financing.

Each own apartment that Flat.mx sells is supervised and evaluated by experts, passing through more than 200 review points to ensure that the property is in the best conditions to be inhabited immediately. In addition to this, they are in charge of remodeling them, giving them modernity with the latest trends in design, so that when they are sold they offer fully renovated apartments, adapting to the current housing needs in Mexico.

The proptech increased by 10 in just one year and the number of sales have increased by 70% quarter over quarter. In addition, they have expanded their presence in our country, since in its beginnings the company operated only in some neighborhoods of the CDMX and today they cover the entire capital of the country and the State of Mexico.