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Do you want to update your knowledge? M.AD School of Ideas presents new boot camps in CDMX, Buenos Aires and Punta Cana

Intensive trainings will be given in Branded Content, Planning and Strategy, Data Insights, Digital Marketing and Digital Media Plan.

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Are you looking to improve your skills? The M.AD School of Ideas headquarters in Buenos Aires, Mexico and Punta Cana present new boot camps for professionals who need intensive training to work on Branded Content, Planning and Strategy, Data Insights, Digital Marketing or Digital Media Plan .


“Today companies are looking for people who are capable of adapting to change and reinventing themselves. To adapt to the needs of the market, professionals need to update their knowledge or specialize in the shortest possible time ”, says Bernardo Geoghegan from M.AD Buenos Aires.

M.AD School of Ideas , founded in 1993, today has 16 schools in Atlanta, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Colombo, Hamburg, Madrid, Miami, Mumbai, New York, Punta Cana, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco , San Pablo, Sydney and Toronto. Its main academic objective is to cultivate unconventional minds by developing in its students their innate ability to generate, refine and concretize ideas capable of changing perceptions, building businesses and shaping culture.

These courses are intensive, with specialized content and practical nature, lasting seven to 10 weeks in which students learn from experts, work as a team and apply what they have learned to a real case that they present to the client.

“We understand that professionals learn things better by doing them and not by reading or theorizing about them. That is why in the boot camps there are no exams or books: 100% practice ”, explains Ricardo Ampudia, from M.AD México.

In each boot camp, students learn step by step how to develop and present a proposal for a brand. Each step is explained by specialists who work on the subject and are aware of the latest advances, something key in the new disciplines.

“The model of education where a teacher imparts knowledge and the student passively receives it is changing. It's not just about moving from pencil and paper to screen. Classes should be more dynamic, interactive and participatory, seeking that professionals train more quickly in the skills required by the market ”, concludes José Guillermo Díaz, from M.AD Punta Cana.

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The boot camps will start in October 2021, with a 20% discount for early birds.

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