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Offer Gift Certificates

.and watch your sales grow.

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Do you offer gift certificates to your customers? Many entrepreneurs don't because the potential for fraud scares them. With the right precautions, though, anyone can take advantage of this great sales tool:

  • Don't buy generic gift certificates from stationery or office supply stores. These are too easily duplicated. Invest in custom-designed certificates instead.
  • Avoid cash refunds. State on the certificate that if more than $5 worth of change is due, it will be issued as another certificate.
  • Keep a log. Record the certificate number, date of sale and dollar amount. Make sure you note when the certificate is redeemed.
  • Use security features like an embossed logo or watermark to prevent photocopying.

Does this sound like a lot of trouble? It's really not, and certificates are a great way for you to expand your client base.