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WeWork wants to facilitate the flexible work scheme with this new membership

Flexibility not only influences the employee's job well-being by giving them options to increase their well-being and productivity, but it can transform the dynamics of the city by reducing the carbon footprint and traffic.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As companies continue to migrate to a smart flexibility scheme, WeWork introduces WeWork All Access, a monthly membership that provides access to any WeWork location in the world, including more than 25 buildings in Mexico, with the click of a button. Through this membership, users in Mexico will be able to access safe and productive workspaces by choosing the closest or most convenient location according to their activities.


As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the vast majority of companies migrated to a home office scheme, which presented great challenges over time. Distractions, limited technology, long work hours, loss of loyalty, and the inability to establish clear boundaries between personal and work life, to name a few.

After months of navigating the crisis under strict sanitary restrictions, it is clear that people want to go back to the office, at least part of the week; however they do not want to return to the traditional model or lose the flexibility they have gained from working at home; even Gallup reports claim that more than 80% of employees would be more loyal to their company if they had flexible work options.


In Mexico, there has been a significant increase of almost 500% in the influx of people to WeWork locations, compared to the first months of the pandemic. In the same way, Mexico City is the second city in the world with the most flow of people, just behind New York. This is a sign that collaborators want to have a workspace and collaborate with their colleagues in a flexible scheme.

WeWork created the WeWork All Access membership to solve all these challenges and offers a solution for new mobility trends. WeWork All Access is a monthly passport to more than 700 locations in 150 cities around the world, where employees can find safe, customizable spaces, essential productivity services and convenient locations within reach.

"Companies have had to face very complex challenges due to the pandemic, with WeWork All Access we seek to offer practical solutions that make sense from a financial and operational point of view and in line with the new demands for flexibility," said Álvaro Villar, general manager of WeWork in Mexico. "With WeWork All Access we are taking the first step towards digitizing spaces by offering flexible space solutions without long-term commitments or unnecessary complexity, this is the future of Real Estate."


Some of the advantages:

  • Innovative workspaces, phone booths, common areas, outdoor spaces and meeting rooms to encourage collaboration.
  • High speed Internet connection, professional printers and audiovisual systems for video conferencing.
  • More than 700 locations in the main cities of the world.
  • Access to buildings 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Users can register their membership through the website we.co/allaccessmx .

WeWork All Access will work through the WeWork app available for iOS and Android. Through the app, users will be able to reserve the space of their choice and will have access to the selected building by presenting their keycard.

The new WeWork All Access membership can be used individually, or large companies can offer their employees a suitable workspace close to their home that reduces their commute time and provides the flexibility they need to balance their work obligations with their personal commitments; reducing, in turn, carbon emissions and promoting the well-being of its staff.

“Providing a flexible work model for employees through WeWork All Access will have a positive impact on people, companies and the planet. This flexibility not only influences the employee's work well-being by giving them options to increase their well-being and productivity, but it can transform the dynamics of the city by reducing the carbon footprint and traffic in cities. The possibilities are endless, we have the opportunity to generate a real change ”, concluded Villar.

WeWork will offer a 40% discount for three months as a special introductory price so that more people can experience the new way of working. Additionally, WeWork All Access members will be part of the global WeWork community that will open strategic professional networking opportunities thanks to a network of 517,000 members around the world.