5 Astrology Startups That Leverage Tech To Gain Maximum Reach

These startups have found the perfect blend of ancient astrology and machine learning algorithms

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Astrology and science have been coexisting in India since time immemorial. Just like science, astrology, which is a vast subject based on the study of planets, their patterns and movements, also forms a crucial part of life for many. 


Lately, developed nations have also started taking note of India’s expertise in astrology. Astrologers such as Bejan Daruwalla, P.K. Shastri, Jai Madan and others have also made a mark in western societies. Today, many in the US seek advice from these expert astrologers on various aspects of life such as marriage, job, education and so on. 

In India, we have also seen the rise of technology-driven astrology startups lately. While on one hand the pandemic has made some question the effectiveness of astrology, on the other many others have resorted to it to understand what the future holds. The astrology startups have leveraged technology to a great extent to capitalize on the demand. They have found the perfect blend of astrology found in ancient books and artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. 

Here are six such startups that have taken to technology to keep consultations and predictions going in the middle of the pandemic.  


The 2018 launched startup offers many services like daily, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, kundlis,  matchmaking and traditional Panchang.  It also offers chat-based and telephonic consultations on multiple topics starting from marriage, career to finance and health. It also enables daily alerts on WhatsApp and as a monthly value-added service on Vodafone connections. It offers services in 11 languages including Bengali, Tamil and Kannada. 


The startup offers Kundli reports, gemstones, rudraksha and consultations with practitioners in the fields of numerology, palmistry, tarot reading, horary, reiki healing, vedic astrology, vastu, among others. Some of the renowned practitioners associated with AstroSage are Acharya Rakesh Garg, Acharya Biswajit Chakraborty, Acharya Vanitaa Pandey, among others. The topics that are commonly touched upon are love marriage, career choices, education, property disputes, partnership and Marriage disputes, foreign settlement, childbirth, fertility and conceiving a child. The startup was launched by Pt. Punit Pandey in 2000. 


AstroTalk is an online astrology consultation started in 2017 by Puneet Gupta after a personal emotional setback. A techie by profession, Gupta never believed in astrology. However, after a personal turmoil, his faith in astrology increased multifold and thus he launched AstroTalk. Today, through his website, more than 2 crore Indians can talk to more than 1100 astrologers in more than 10 languages. It recently completed one lakh minutes of one-on-one consultation on a single day. 


Chennai-based Matrimony.com acquired a 26.1 per cent stake in Astro-Vision last year. Launched in 1984, the company has adapted itself to the changing times. It today offers algorithm-based astrology content and software in 10 Indian languages. It has around 40, 000 daily visitors and has generated more than 110 million horoscopes to date. In 2020, it launched mobile software for astrologers and astrology Students that enables horoscope generation and analysis through mobile phones. After entering the birth details, the app generates a horoscope report which can be read from the mobile.

Ganesha Speaks 

Ganesha Speaks was launched in 2003 and today it has more than 5 crore customers from 180 countries. The startup enables online consultations with leading astrologers and using ML algorithms creates kundli (horoscope) based on simple inputs. The website offers predictions to over 1.5 lakh unique visitors on a daily basis. Founded by Hemang Arun Pandeet, it offers astrological guidance using Shree Bejan Daruwalla's principles of astrology.


Launched in 2019 by Jikku Abraham, Taaraka is based out of Mumbai. The startup has developed algorithms to detect patterns in a horoscope. Using this and based on planetary positions, they provide solutions to clients. The online sessions cost anywhere between INR 300 and INR 4000 per session. Angel investor and co-founder We Founder Circle Gaurav Singhvi has invested in the startup.

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