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Put a restaurant specialized in sauces

One of the trends these places offer, in addition to good food at reasonable prices, is a shopping experience.

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By Marissa Sánchez


Information generated on the occasion of International Family Day by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography ( INEGI ) and the National Population Council indicates that in Mexico there are 30.2 million family households. Of these, in 64.7% there is at least one child under 15 years of age, while in 24.5% of family households there is at least one adult aged 60 or over.

Regarding income, both organizations indicate that in 45% of households only one person works, in 33% there are two members, and in 15% there are three people who contribute money. Lastly, in Mexico the idea prevails that the family is the most important unit in society and that it must be cared for and respected. In that sense, a great value is placed on family gatherings, especially when it comes to sharing food.

According to the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office ( Profeco ), on average a family of six spends approximately $ 826.00 on a meal away from home, while for breakfast, the average ticket reaches $ 144.00.

If you have experience as a Chef or are good at cooking and are interested in starting a business, one of the trends is the services that offer, in addition to good food at reasonable prices, a shopping experience. Next, we present the idea of a restaurant specialized in sauces.


The advantage of this model is that the investment can be much lower than if it were a conventional model, since the main attraction consists in offering customers several options and combinations of ingredients to create a personalized sauce. These sauces can garnish dishes such as chilaquiles, enchiladas, and fish tacos. So while the menu is limited, the possible combinations are not.

Because it is a simple menu, the place does not require large dimensions or complicated furniture. Join the eco friendly trend and condition a space with wooden benches and tables and recycle utensils that give it a vintage and fun touch. Another option is to work on request and deliver to your home - thus avoiding the investment in a restaurant in terms of form, procedures and hiring of personnel.

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