This DBA Mastery Course Is Changing the Direction Of Careers

HelloVeeru is a story of making people succeed

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A start to introduce a unique course that is not just training but preparing individuals. When we don't know what to do, (or) where to start, (or) what we are doing.

DBA Mastery by Hello Veeru

These are the three questions that keep banging the heads of a lot of individuals in this current world, especially after completing their graduation. 

We might think that we have a plan and idea of what we can do but when the time comes to accomplish it, the other comes in our way with suggestions that will lead to a lot of confusion again. 

Getting confused is common but in the end, you must know if your option is clear.

A small push and guidance at this stage will do wonders. And this has happened and is happening with HelloVeeru and the mastery course, DBA.

The mission is to make India self-employed. Helloveeru, a person who has led thousands of individuals to realize their passion and interest. No, it doesn't stop there, he has also led those individuals to be independent financially.

Veerander Chowdary, the man who has seen, experienced, and understood the struggle of an individual to follow the dreams of becoming independent.

He initiated a small mission in order to make at least a few individuals to be independent and successful. That's how the DBA mastery course has come into existence. 

DBA mastery course was started in June 2020 and now has completed one year hitting the milestones of thousands of subscribers and students in a very less time!

DBA; digital marketing, blogging and affiliate marketing courses; is bringing huge change in learning and dealing with the digital marketplace. Along with them freelancing has been introduced considering students’ requests.

Students all over the country, disregarding their region and language, are showing the interest to succeed through the DBA mastery course!

It was started from scratch and now turned out to be a strong pillar that stands high.

Any start could be difficult and HelloVeeru had its share of difficulties too. An approximate 4-5 years of period went into planning for this mission and it was definitely not a piece of cake.

When a hardwork is turned into success, we forget whatever pain is involved. Only success, satisfaction and happiness revolves in our minds.

But this DBA mastery course has given more. It was welcomed wholeheartedly and no doubt that our HelloVeeru aka Veerander Chowdary has got immense appreciation for all his efforts! 

Everything in this world comes with good and bad, and here, it was faced too. But the thing that has to be considered is how HelloVeeru was and has handled it. And the aim was to convert them into good.

This could seem big or success was drawn in a very less time, but the challenge wasn’t small either.

Live classes on every Saturday, frontline and email support, creating VIP groups so the students could interact with each other, and giving guidance not only to learn but also to earn.

It is easier said, shown than done. The secret of the DBA mastery course’s success is included within itself!

Countless success stories! DBA mastery course has not only made them independent but made them grow professionally to choose the right career path they could fit in!

Veeru, personally believes that value plays a huge role in any business and when it comes to DBA mastery course value is beyond the imagination.

And here, it was always about value and quality!

Since value is given more importance, HelloVeeru came with a new startup that is going to help the individuals in learning and earning in a more effective way.

Workhours, India’s first ed-tech platform that is solely focused on self-employment.

The core purpose of Workhours is to make every individual independent.

Workhours is started by HelloVeeru where education and knowledge is prioritized in the pursuit of making India self-employed!

Workhours is all geared up to improve the skills of every individual not only dependent on knowledge but also financially stable. Each course in Workhours will take you wonder by wonder to learn and to brush your skills.

The aim of Workhours is to provide the opportunities for the individuals to sharpen their skills and work with freedom and satisfaction. And to direct the ways to change from routine boring lives to achieving professionals.