Britannia Launches Marie Gold My Startup Season 3.0

The program to provide INR 10,00,000 to 10 selected homemakers to start off on their entrepreneurial journeys

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Britannia Marie Gold’s My Startup campaign has successfully run across two seasons, providing funds and skill development for Indian homemakers to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. In 2020, a partnership with NSDC helped the campaign provide 10,000 homemakers with basic communication skills, financial literacy through access to information and communication technology (ICT), along with micro-entrepreneurial skills for social and economic self-reliance.


In its Season 3, the Britannia Marie Gold My Startup campaign has been broadened to help homemakers leverage the internet to grow their businesses. 77 per cent of homemakers who desire to set up their own ventures, consider technology as an enabler in this journey - as noted in the survey by Britannia and Momspresso.

The platform launches the Indian Homemakers’ Entrepreneurship Report 2021 - A nationwide survey amongst homemakers to study barriers, triggers, and enablers to embracing entrepreneurship. In which, 62 per cent of homemakers have dreams & aspirations to startup a business of their own. The primary drivers for these homemakers who aspire to set up their own business are the desire to be financially independent (60 per cent) and the ability to contribute financially to the family (53 per cent), lack of time due to home responsibilities (73 per cent), lack of guidance (53 per cent) and insufficient funds (50 per cent) have acted as the main barriers that prevented them from setting up their own business. 77 per cent of homemakers who desire to set up their own venture consider technology can also aid them in this journey.


They feel technology can help them in: enhancing their knowledge and know-how of how to run a business (80 per cent), provide ease of doing business (73 per cent), more access to markets (72 per cent). Some of the popular businesses of interest are running a boutique (16 per cent), home tutoring (10 per cent), re-selling of apparel, jewelry (7 per cent), running a beauty parlor (6 per cent) among others. Starting a business of their own would make these homemakers feel more self-confident (81 per cent), empowered (78 per cent), and feel more respected in society (63 per cent).

To support these aspirations, participants will be able to access a set of digital skilling resources from Google. These digital resources are available in six languages – Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, and English.

 “Britannia Marie Gold is a brand that has intimate connections with India’s homemakers. We laud them for being the emotional anchor and an all-time go-to person in every family. We firmly believe that the progress the country has made sits on the bedrock of contributions and sacrifices made by the homemaker. Britannia Marie Gold recognizes the growing, inner aspirations of homemakers to do more with their potential and is committed to be the ‘everyday fuel’ for homemakers in this bid. That’s why we are happy to launch the third edition of Britannia Marie Gold My Startup. We are delighted this time to collaborate with Google to help skill homemakers in the use of technology to gain better market access, expand the customer base, access finance and other resources. Together, we really hope to be the wind behind the wings of every ‘homepreneur’ out there,” explained Vinay Subramanyam, vice-president, marketing, Britannia Industries Limited, while bringing to light the season highlights and launch of the Britannia Marie Gold My Startup contest 2021.

 “Opportunity and inclusion are at the core of everything we do at Google. Through our products and programs, we have supported millions of women in India to leverage digital tools to generate income and livelihood, and we know that helping women to embrace entrepreneurship opportunities through digital has a transformative impact on them and their families, the community, and the local economy.  We are pleased to provide our digital skilling resources to aspiring women entrepreneurs participating in Britannia’s important program and wish every one of them success,” added Sapna Chadha, senior marketing director, India, and South-East Asia, Google, while commenting on the association with Britannia.