This Is Probably the First All-in-one Finance and Wellbeing Platform

Maslife addresses the hardships people face in making informed decisions and leading a positive lifestyle

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There were many peaks and valleys in KashAmini’s life. At an early age, he came to realize that hard work and discipline were the keys to achieve any goal and this line of thought was reinforced by his upbringing. By the age of 12, the entrepreneur found himself fascinated by technology so much so that he taught himself how to code. Witnessing the sudden global surge in technological advancement, Kash became certain that the future of technology would bring about unprecedented change.


He developed aptitude in programming to the point where he would be able to hack the school computers just for the fun of it. Aside from this, the man had a keen interest in sports, basketball in particular. He started playing it at an early age and went on to compete professionally, which led to his induction into the NBA and helped him in earning a sports scholarship from the state of New York.

KashAmini had a long rocky road. He used to believe that endless hard work was the only way to succeed in life and decided to pursue entrepreneurship and began developing software. Crypto and blockchain were fast-growing areas of interest then, so he set out to build his own trading platform, Batrix, which was later sold for 8 figures. Following the success, he launched Bitvault on a global scale, the world’s first blockchain security device.

The business was booming, but Kash’s incessant grinding came with a great deal of wear and tear. The young individual reached the point of burnout and fell into a state of fatigue, depression, and poor health. He then realised that good health is non-negotiable and thus he started studying mindful meditation and invested four years into an overall personal development. KashAmini understood that the ultimate purpose in life was to uplift society and that’s how Maslife was born.

Maslife is the world’s first all-in-one finance and wellbeing platform that addresses the hardships people face in making informed decisions and leading a positive lifestyle. The inconvenient truth is that consumer behaviour does not reflect a genuine commitment to becoming financially responsible. People regularly make false promises to themselves; their intentions and their actions don’t line up. The scientific term for this is ‘Hyperbolic Discounting’. It’s the tendency of people to increasingly choose smaller, sooner rewards, over larger, later rewards. There’s a myriad of other psychological processes that keep people mired in debt or in an unhealthy state, and the only way to effectively change destructive habits is to employ tactics that are grounded in behavioural science. This is where Maslife really comes into play.

As for the trajectory of Maslife, the venture has already raised £5 million in funds and intends to double that number soon. The company is currently focusing on broadening its team and establishing its presence in various regions of Europe, such as Munich, Marbella, and Monaco. The main objective of Maslife is to help people attain the best version of themselves and to reach every corner of the globe and positively influence the lives of millions.

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