The Future Of Ride-Hailing Apps In India

Started with the idea of booking a cab or bike taxi through mobile phones, the acclimatization of ride-hailing apps was a very gradual process in India due to hesitation to adapt to a new concept by mass population

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Have you ever wondered how people quickly adopted online ride-hailing? Well, success was never clearly visible in the freshmen days of this tech adaptation. The conventional ways were rooted deep down our civilization; replacing them required a giant barge in with utmost consistency. In creating demand for a new concept of local commute, the ride-hailing apps had to do way better than their best to convince the potential customers and captains. In a country where sitting behind a stranger for a local commute is not easily considered safe, it took a lot of effort to create the demand these ride-hailing apps possess these days. As it is now a preference for daily travelers to opt for bike taxis instead of waiting at the never-ending lines of any local bus or taxi stand, commuters now can't imagine a world without ride-hailing apps.


The beginning of the mobility revolution with ride-hailing apps

Started with the idea of booking a cab or bike taxi through mobile phones, the acclimatization of ride-hailing apps was a very gradual process in India due to hesitation to adapt to a new concept by mass population and rarefaction in literacy rate of the country. However, ride-hailing apps steadily started transforming the entire commute market by providing budget-friendly fares on local travel. This affordability attracted customers who encouraged them to opt for online ride-hailing apps. At an expeditious pace, this initiative eased and accelerated the bike-fueled app’s rising popularity. With the tap of a button, a ride could be ordered through GPS, and the cost was automatically charged to the card on the user’s account.

Ride-booking and sharing made it easier, faster

When there were fewer vehicles associated with the industry, it was a challenge to serve the bulk of the demand for a ride at the same time. But as time transcended, drivers started taking voluntary initiatives to join hands with ride-hailing apps. While looking at the picture today, we can say that there's nothing as digitally smooth as local mobility through phones. The ease of booking and real-time tracking of a bike taxi ride has taken this service to the next level, where the commuter can not only book a desired ride but can split the money by sharing it with other commuters going to the same route.

Scope for electric vehicles

The world is currently facing huge transitions, be it transmission preference in vehicles or the type of fuel used in them. Electricity is now progressing into a vital fuel that is considered one of the most efficient and nature-friendly fuel options. This resurrection of sustainable energy can not only bring down the atrocious load from our pockets but would also prevent nature from contamination. Bike taxi commuters around the globe are inspired by this latest invention of rechargeable bikes and cars that would run on electricity taken from any standard power source. As it has already been stated by the automotive leaders that electric vehicles would cost you less than a rupee per kilometer, the rise of EV's in a fast-paced country like India is much expected. Companies are gradually starting to promote electric vehicles with more intensity, and due to this, the entire structure of combustion fuel-based vehicles would be replaced with electric-powered vehicles. As a result, the online mobility hailing industry would be at a more significant benefit and will be able to provide lower-cost services that would benefit both consumers and drivers.

What the future holds for ride-hailing apps

Talking about the near future, the peak for online ride-hailing apps is yet to take its place. People are more inclined towards opting for online bike and auto taxi booking rather than standing and physically searching for a conveyance. The infusion of ride-hailing services in suburban or rural areas is also starting to exist, thus declaring its sustainability towards the core interiors of India. The mobility revolution in the country got a much-needed pick up with the launch of several ride-hailing operators, who brought affordable travel solutions to our doorstep. To elaborate it thoroughly, Goldman Sachs has estimated that the global ride-hailing industry is expected to grow eightfold to $285 billion by 2030, making it an incredibly lucrative market.

Being a prominent market for local commute, India has seen a large upscale since the initiation of ride-hailing apps. A desire to travel on time, in comfort, and at a great price has made Indians succumb to the modern way of traveling across local borders. The future holds for the ride-hailing industry is yet to be revealed, but as per the present status, bike ride-hailing is one of the most prominent and revolutionizing sectors, which has already secured its position in the routine of the masses.

Aravind Sanka

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Aravind Sanka is the Co-founder of Rapido, India's first and largest bike taxi app focused on making commuters' daily intracity travel affordable, faster and safer. At Rapido, Aravind plays a key role in realizing the mission and vision of the company, besides spearheading the product development, strategy and finance division of the firm.

An IIT-Bhubaneswar alumnus, Aravind started working for the e-commerce giant Flipkart’s logistics division Ekart in XX (year). For 3.5 years, the professional was deeply involved in the financial planning and expansion of logistics of Ekart. Aravind has played a vital role in accelerating the growth trajectory of Ekart from 10 to 100 cities. He has also been a part of various initiatives and was involved in initiating the last mile logistics service for the firm.

With Rapido, Aravind envisages saving people’s time and money and impacting millions of lives in the country. He also envisions Rapido as the most sought-after ride-sharing app and every commuter’s daily travel choice.