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Japan authorizes the sale of tomatoes with the edited genome to treat hypertension

The Sanatech Seed company began receiving online orders on September 15.

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Japan authorized the marketing of tomatoes with the edited DNA to treat high blood pressure.

As reported by the online newspaper NHK , the genome of this variety of the fruit was edited to have more γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA, for its acronym in English), a natural chemical that helps manage blood pressure.

In this way, for the first time in the history of the country of the Rising Sun, a private company will be able to sell food with the edited genome . This terminology is important because, unlike foods with a modified genome , they do not contain an external gene since the changes they present are on the RNA that they naturally have and therefore are considered safer.

The Ministry of Health of Japan granted in December 2020 to the company Sanatech Seed , based in Tokyo, the permission to sell these tomatoes and the company began accepting online orders from September 15 as now the fruits are ready to be harvested.

"At first, we had mixed reactions to genome edited foods and we thought it would be difficult to bring them to market because consumers do not fully understand them. But tomatoes have earned a good reputation from those who participated in the cultivation trials. We will take all the possible precautions when they go on sale, ”said Takeshita Tatsuo, president of Sanatechseed, according to NHK .

Are you interested in ordering some to take care of your pressure? A 3-kilogram box of tomatoes will cost 7,500 yen, or about 1,375 Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate.