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Do you want to prepare your SME to export? Sign up for this course endorsed by the UNAM and with 90% scholarships

Prepare your SME for Export: Induction to International Trade is the training course for small and medium-sized Mexican companies that seek to take their products from Mexico to the World. It is endorsed by the UNAM.

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Thinking of a local and national market is no longer enough. To achieve the survival and growth of your small and medium-sized company (SME) you should think about entering new markets. This will allow you to: maintain the operation of your business model, preserve and generate new sources of employment.

Selling in Mexico represents an opportunity to reach 130 million inhabitants while selling worldwide increases the potential to 7 billion , highlights Fernando Jiménez Riveroll, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at DHL Express Mexico.

Aware of the importance of SMEs entering international trade in a professional manner, COPARMEX CDMX and DHL Express signed a collaboration agreement. Thus, with the support of the UNAM, small and medium-sized companies will be provided with the tools, skills and capacities that contribute to the development of new alternatives with a vision towards new international markets.

The training will be carried out through the 30-hour self-managed online course Prepare your SME for Export: Induction to International Trade , aimed at SMEs associated with COPARMEX CDMX.

This online course will be carried out through the MOODLE platform of the Faculty of Accounting and Administration with a duration of six weeks (suggesting one hour of study per day), with materials available 24 X 7 prepared by specialists in the field.

Upon completion and approval of the course, participants will receive a certificate with curricular value issued by the UNAM .

The course was developed with the collaboration of the following entities of the UNAM: Coordination of Linkage and Technology Transfer (CVTT); Faculty of Accounting and Administration (FCA), through the National Center for Support to Small and Medium Enterprises (CENAPYME) and its Continuing Education Division (DEC-FCA); as well as the Center for Continuing Education of the Faculty of Higher Studies Acatlán (FES Acatlán).

“As a business center, we have the mission of contributing to the establishment of conditions for the prosperity of all Mexicans that fosters growing social cohesion and for companies to develop, multiply and fulfill their function of creating employment and wealth with social responsibility. We are very happy to collaborate with DHL Express México, so that, through UNAM, national entrepreneurs can be trained ”, Armando Zúñiga, president of COPARMEX CDMX.


The following topics will be addressed in the course:

  • Towards an Entrepreneurial Culture.
  • The ABC of International Trade.
  • Development of strategic tools for the internationalization of an SME.

Messaging plays a very important role for SMEs to achieve a successful expansion of their business both in the national and international markets and they need a strategic partner that easily and reliably allows them to expand their business. Having a good, wide-ranging distribution arm such as DHL Express Mexico will help them reach customers in places where they cannot reach themselves.

"The objective of this strategic alliance is to raise awareness in small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of the need for an Export Culture, who know the context, tools and fundamental concepts to expand their business as much as they want," said Jiménez Riveroll.

For his part, Mtro. Francisco Martínez García from CENAPYME of the FCA, pointed out: “As a National center to support SMEs, in the last year we have developed initiatives that adapt to the needs of the environment, such as the Hospital for SMEs where we have impacted more than 14,000 business owners and entrepreneurs nationwide through training, specialized consulting services, videoconferences, and support materials, as well as the completion of the MiPYME Reinvention Forum and business incubation and acceleration programs. With this alliance with COPARMEX CDMX and DHL Express México we endorse our contribution to the development of the country's SMEs ”.

The course for SMEs will be marketed exclusively by COPARMEX CDMX and will cost: 5,000 pesos for the general public. DHL will grant 90% scholarships to its clients who wish to export, so the cost for them will be 500 pesos .

The pre-registration link is at this link .