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Set up a home beauty business? This is the new trend to undertake

Interest in buying beauty and personal care items online has increased 11% during the pandemic.

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In the midst of the pandemic caused by the Sars-CoV-2 virus , it is difficult to find a sector that has not suffered the consequences of this global phenomenon. However, if a clear beneficiary of this adverse situation could be determined, it would undoubtedly be home service .

A study by Forbes , conducted in the first quarter of 2021, indicates that e-commerce platforms have grown an average of 300% during the last year. This industry has managed to meet the needs and demands of a large population sector that needs certain products and services. However, the determining factor to understand the growth of this industry is in the home service.

Also called delivery , it has managed to adapt to a large number of products and services of all kinds, and one of the most demanded has been beauty . Data collected by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) indicates that the interest in buying beauty and personal care items online has increased by 11% during the pandemic.

Another study carried out by the international consulting firm NPD, indicates that products such as eye shadows and skin care items had a relevant growth of 1.8% and 4.2% in the same period. As a result of this demand and the continuous growth of home service, the beauty industry has managed to create a niche with great potential and expansion in the following years: home beauty .

For the vast majority of women, time tends to become the worst enemy when it comes to wearing spectacular makeup, and if we add to this the unforeseen events of the day and other factors, going to a beauty salon can become a real ordeal. . For this reason, the home beauty modality has become the perfect option for dozens of women who demand immediacy, quality and personalized attention in this process. In addition to this, beauty delivery encompasses other important points such as safety and comfort at every step.

If you want to start this business once and for all, the experts at Aprende Institute will help you with their advice and tips so that you can establish your own home beauty business and make an immediate profit.

1. Invest in your platforms

A home beauty service means saving costs in the rent of a physical place like a local, which will allow you to invest this capital in a professional platform and according to your business to advertise your services. In the same way, you can go further and create your own app to obtain greater operational agility.

2. Create more payment services

Being a "virtual" business you have the opportunity to expand your payment methods. This will not only help you provide security and confidence to your clients, but it will also give you greater credibility and empowerment. Create an account that allows you to obtain card payments or another online service such as PayPal.

3. Get the best products

A beauty delivery stands out for the professionalism of its service. A good way to get the desired results is through a series of the highest quality products and tools. Make sure you have everything your beauty business needs, so you will cover all types of demand.

4. Surround yourself with the best

Women who make use of the home service want professionals who adapt to their schedules, demands and requests, for this you must surround yourself or create a work team that adapts to your business model. This will give your business confidence and reputation, in addition to creating a brand presence to boost your growth.

5. Specialize in a specific field

A beauty delivery can cover endless fields such as makeup, manicure, eyebrow design, relaxing massages, among others. It is important that you start your business specializing in a specific sector and make it your star service. This will give you confidence to do your job and continue to expand your business into other fields.

Home beauty has become the perfect way to look spectacular, save on travel costs and get all the confidence, security and quality of a beauty salon in the comfort of your home.