Started For Fun, Now We Are Here! A Social Media Expert With 10M Network & Multiple Brands

Brandon Mimmsis' social media endeavour has been up and running in the world of hashtags for 11 years now and has run over 50 social media pages

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When you work hard and aim to succeed in doing something you love, the victory is yours. One such name is social media expertBrandon Mimmsis, a successful social media figure who sees social media as a canvas and paints it with brands & names that have a huge influence on everybody including you and me.

Brandon Mimmsis

Brandon comes from the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Building a social media empire, he has been up and running in the world of hashtags for 11 years now and has run over 50 social media pages. With his continued drive, Brandon has had the opportunity of working alongside million dollar companies, personal brands, professional athletes, musicians and many influencers to create a community of their own with his expertise. Growing in a small town, he knew that he was made for bigger things as he believes,“If you have big dreams, work hard until you achieve them and never let narrow minds dull your shine.”

He took his first steps on social media for fun but it turned out to become a passion for him and, soon, he realized that he could make a career out of this. So, he decided to take it to the next level and, today, he stands with a network of 10 million followers on the biggest social media giants such as Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. He speaks about how he started his social media endeavour on Twitter. From tweeting every now and then to creating a meme page that grew to attract half a million followers, his journey was as colourful as anyone could imagine. Soon, there were brands and companies lined up, asking for promotions and tips on his social media pages.

His main project for the last 6-7 months has been his Instagram page@hotel which he built from scratch and now stands at 900,000-plus followers featuring and promoting hotels all around the world. Brandon has turned his page into the opportunity of a lifetime to travel the world, work with beautiful hotels and document these moments for his followers to experience alongside him. Brandon has a list of hotels that he will be visiting in the remainder of this year specifically to create content in the form of photos and videos for his page. He has built @Hotel to be the best account to find breathtaking destinations and plans to continue providing wanderlust and knowledge to his fellow travellers.

Brandon not only loves to travel but he also is into hype beast footwear. Specifically, he has created an account@shoes which he has been working on for roughly a year now. He along with his team has created a community of around 200,000 followers. Currently, he is focusing on building a website designed for shoe lovers to browse up and coming drops, find news about hype beast shoes and purchase shoes at a great price. He says, “It’s a niche that has challenged my skills but I love to put my skills to the test. I have a team behind me focused on growing the community to target shoe brands and influencers all around the world.”

He moves on to talk about his other project@santaclaus which he started because who doesn’t love Santa? He took this page and turned it into something special for kids to hold onto. He and his partners created a business, sessions with Santa, designed to connect children with Santa Claus through a customized video call/recording where the parents fill out the survey talking about all their child favourite items and Santa’s magic comes to life over video chat. This has been particularly important to families during the pandemic with lockdowns and not being able to make their annual Santa Claus visit at the malls. With parents schedules and Santa’s workshop, Brandon knows this business is one that will continue to thrive and put smiles on children’s faces for a long time.

Brandon believes that consistency is the real key to success in the Social Media sphere. He emphasizes being extremely active, posting, responding over DMs, keep interacting with similar brands and commenting on other pages to help grow your reach because that’s going to get you to your goal. He talks about Instagram and how it’s watching you constantly, keeping a track of how active you are and how much time you put into your account and your audience.

He says that social media holds tons of money and it is not hard to get into this world but remaining relevant and having the drive to stay consistent is the difficult part. Quoting him, “It all comes down to how passionate you are and how much effort you put in!”

He also mentioned that video content is a massive driving force on all social media channels today. So, if you want to grow big on social, you got to keep making videos of even the simplest things and put them up for the world to see. In short, the more content you post the more opportunity it has to get noticed.

He speaks about how he was lucky that he started early and realized how powerful and valuable Social Media is. Social Media is at boom today and with the pandemic hitting the world, the scope for it has widened like never before. According to him, 2021 is going to be a billion-dollar industry for personal brands, influencers and bloggers. It is never too late to build a brand on a platform that is so powerful, powerful enough to change your life in such a short period of time.

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