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How 8 Women Leaders in Franchising Are Overcoming the Industry's Greatest Challenge

From workforce shortages to changing minds in Washington, these women are pushing the franchise world forward.

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“Finding the right people. We are more focused on that than rapid growth — although, ironically, because we have found such incredible people, we are able to grow faster than we expected. We set up an incredible amount of support so franchisees don’t have to be professionally trained chefs; they just need to be kind and passionate, and to see our students for who they truly are — brilliant little humans needing a positive, joyful, supportive environment. That means more to us than anything, because we can train for everything else.” — Felicity Curin, Founder and president, Little Kitchen Academy, a Montessori-inspired cooking academy for kids aged 3 to 19

“The pandemic intensified some of the biggest issues facing the healthcare sector and showed us how important it is to keep the most vulnerable safe at home. Earlier this year, we joined Moving Health Home, a new coalition aimed at changing federal and state policies that prevent the home from being an accredited clinical care site. The workforce shortage also impacts us — and as a result, many vulnerable adults could go without access to care. We need permanent legislation that permits affordable in-home care as an integral part of patient care. We also need to drive new policies that support the workforce, like access to affordable childcare.” — Shelly Sun, Founder and CEO, BrightStar Care, an in-home care and medical staffing agency

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