Leading Change by Design

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A lady who became a D2C florist, a serial entrepreneur who created something different from his competitors in the Electric Vehicle segment, a man who changed the way we see nutritional supplements, a person who has integrated Artificial Intelligence into the personal care space, a person who made an app that knows exactly what is there in your refrigerator. These people are amongst the many creative individuals who have completely changed the orange economy with their creative spark.

Whether it’s new-age architecture or eternal roses, the issue celebrates socially and environmentally conscious design. These creative acts by curious people showcase trends that have placed design at the heart of innovation.

So why are they successful? They have a creative spark, of course. The perfect recipe for success however requires creativity, ambition, and hard work. They have been able to carve out a market for themselves and want to expand further. They have the will and work to break through the barriers set by society and create something unique.

We know creatives rule the world. When we marry innovation with an existing business this often results in creative outcomes. These acts of transformation lead to creativity being unshackled.

Creativity is a trait that all humans have. Some use it more than others. Creativity not only allows you to find solutions but it allows you to find solutions to the problems that no one ever recognized. Creative Inc talks about the enterprises that had the zeal to find solutions to a problem that most people thought never existed. This edition talks about different people and their journey on how they went on to use their creativity to find solutions to problems efficiently.

The edition also talks about the companies who actively take part in micro-lending and how they are helping to preserve an entire ecosystem of MSMEs in these torrid times. We also talk about angel investing and how it is emerging for startups in smaller towns. The issue also talks about certain individuals who saw a problem, were courageous enough to find the solutions and made a name for themselves for not only doing it efficiently but in a unique manner. Do read the story about the Picsart founder’s journey.

The pandemic period has truly redefined leadership at every level and when you are the CEO execution takes a different turn. Our next issue will feature the most daring CEOs of India Inc and showcase the most daring plunge they took. Write to us if you feel a CEO’s leadership has truly redefined the path for the enterprise he/she is leading.

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