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Restaurant Chains Make Menu, Marketing Additions


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Irvine, California-Taco Bell Corp. has rolled out a Grilled Steak Taco item as part of the chain's effort to boost sales. In a recent conference call with analysts, officials at Taco Bell parent company Tricon Global Restaurants Inc. said part of the chain's strategy to broaden appeal would include the addition of new in-store grills.

Tricon chief executive David Novack said grilling would allow the chain the option of adding such items as quesadillas to its menu. New products will also include a grilled hot stuffed burrito.-Dow Jones

Newport Beach, California-Wienerschnitzel has rolled out its first Wiener Wagon in a bid to expand sales at nontraditional venues.

The 40-foot-long catering truck will travel to special events, parties, conventions and sporting events to serve hot dogs, chili dogs and chili cheese dogs. Other menu items being offered include soft drinks, French fries and corn dogs.

The Wiener Wagon was rolled out as part of the chain's 40th anniversary. Later this year, Wienerschnitzel will host a wiener giveaway day and a classic Corvette giveaway. -Nation's Restaurant News