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How to pay on the CDMX Metrobús from your cell phone? This is how payments with your bank card or digital wallet work in this transport

The CDMX Metrobús enabled electronic payments in its system, so we tell you how to pay for your contactless ticket from your cell phone or smartwatch with your digital wallet.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This Thursday, the Government of Mexico City (CDMX) announced that you can now pay on the capital Metrobús without contact with your cell phone . This new option is enabled on lines 1, 2 and 3 for users who have a digital wallet . Now, they can access this transport using bank cards , CoDi and devices such as your smartphone and smartwatch.

Secretaría de Movilidad CDMX vía Twitter

Through a statement, Andrés Lajuos, CDMX Secretary of Mobility , and Roberto Capuano, General Director of Metrobús , explained that users can now recharge their Integrated Mobility Card (MI) with a debit or credit card from your digital wallet .

Last March, capital authorities announced the renewal of the charging and toll machines at the 122 stations that make up lines 1, 2 and 3 of the CDMX Metrobús. This system, which integrates technology from VISA and Getnet , a Banco Santander payment system, is now a reality.

How do electronic payments work on the CDMX Metrobús?

As of this September 30, there are two ways to cover the cost of the passage in the transport system using electronic means of payment.

1. Top up your MI card

The new machines to recharge the MI card allow the use of VISA credit or debit cards. For this, you just have to place your MI card in the recharge machine and the system will give you three payment options: cash, bank or CoDi.

If you chose 'banking', you must insert your plastic as in an ATM or a payment terminal, choose the amount you want to recharge, confirm it on the screen and authorize the transaction with your PIN or electronic signature.

If you choose to pay with CoDi, a QR code will appear on the screen that you must scan with your cell phone. Afterwards, you can finalize the payment by authorizing it with your PIN, fingerprint or token. The transaction will be carried out immediately and only applies to recharges for a minimum of $ 20 pesos up to a maximum of $ 120 pesos.

2. Direct payment from your cell phone or smartwatch

The contactless device allows direct and contactless payment. For this, you must have an electronic wallet and a device with NFC technology , which already comes in most of the latest models of smartphones and smartwatches .

You only need to bring them closer to the reader of the machine or turnstile and you will pass without using your MI card. In this case, the charge of $ 12 pesos will be notified, since two trips will be included. However, if the transport is not used twice, the charge will be only for one ticket.

The capital's Ministry of Mobility indicated that payment with a bank card would generate a 2% commission for Metrobús, which would not affect users. If the direct payment is made with contactless , with CoDi or with the electronic wallet apps, there will be no commission .

The CDMX government statement makes it clear that they only accept payments with VISA cards without specifying which banks. It also does not specify which electronic wallets they allow, although videos of how the new payment system works using the Apple Pay digital wallet circulate on social networks.

In fact, Roberto Capuano himself, General Director of the CDMX Metrobús,   published on his twitter account a 'step by step' tutorial on how to use the new electronic payment systems.