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Airbnb rents out SCREAM movie house for Halloween

Actor David Arquette will even participate in the experience.

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Do you want to live a terrifying experience in Haloween? Airbnb is renting the home of the 90s horror classic, SCREAM.


The original 1996 film became a pop culture hit, spawning four sequels. Who doesn't know the iconic killer mask that terrorized the students? The last film in this series will hit the big screen in January 2022. 25 years of scaring the young!

Airbnb offers a complete experience worth $ 5 (approximately 102 Mexican pesos) per night, a rather symbolic rate. It will feature actor David Arquette, who plays cop Dewey Riley in the original film and the sequels. Arquette will give the lucky guests essential tips to survive and thus avoid coming face to face with one of the most famous assassins in movie history: Ghostface.

Image: Airbnb

"Protecting the city of Woodsboro is my life's duty and I have undoubtedly developed an ability to escape Ghostface," says Riley. “As host, I will keep an eye on the guests to make sure no one experiences an unexpected plot twist. Believe me, horror movies are always interesting, for better or for worse ... "

Dewey (David Arquette) will host three one-night stays for up to four people in Northern California on October 27, 29 and 31 .

The experience is inspired by the original Scream movie that includes:

  • Virtual welcome with Dewey.
  • Exploration of the house, where you can see the knife marks on the door, to the garage where Tatum, Dewey's sister, lost her life.
  • A marathon of the four SCREAM movies, (on VHS).
  • A phone line to contact Ghostface… or he could dial too.
  • Classic '90s snacks like popcorn, ice cream, and pizza.
  • And the chance to take home (if they survive), posters for the next movie, a bundle with all four DVD movies, Woodsboro High costumes, and much more.


Do you dare to participate? To book your stay and experience, you will have to connect on October 12 at 1:00 p.m. (CEST) on the Airbnb website.

Image: Airbnb