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East Of Chicago Pizza Offers Professional Training To All Employees


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Willard, Ohio-Starting from day one, every East of Chicago Pizza Co. store level employee can begin a course of professional development leading to career advancement and a 50 percent discount on the normal fee to open a franchise location.

The company began its new MASTERS program January 1, 2001. "It really doesn't matter how good your operating systems are if you don't have well-trained people in every job," said Cory Washburn, the company's vice president of operations. "People are so important for success that we made employee development a top priority."

The MASTERS program is a six-level competency-based employee development and education plan requiring in-store learning, attendance at seminars and a performance review, building to a certification exam.

The result will be store-level employees trained in every aspect of East of Chicago operations. "We want to make working at East of Chicago more than a paycheck," Washburn said. "This program allows all employees, new hires and veterans the opportunity to develop professionally and to advance as far as they want to go."

The company will also offer career opportunities to employees who are interested in pursuing positions in the chain's corporate offices. -East of Chicago Pizza