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Site Registration The Right Way

If you do it right, you can provide special services to customers and gain useful data.

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Ever heard of marketer's gold? That's what a of contacts with key demographic is to any marketer. For your , you can build your own highly qualified e-database of names and visitor information by implementing a registration system on your site.

Why register? Some of the reasons why someone might register on your site include:

1. Access to a premium information area
2. Special gifts or promotions
3. The ability to post or chat in your online community
4. To enhance their shopping experience with a wish list (favorite items), a customer profile and other convenient features.

Keep registration forms short and sweet, asking only for demographic data (age range, education, income) and limited additional data (how long they've been online, do they shop online, their favorite Web sites). And remember to prominently post your site's ! Be clear about what you will do with your visitor's personal data at all times.

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