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Sticking-To-Your-Budget Tips

If you're always spending more than you'd planned, take our advice for trimming costs.

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You plan and you budget, but somehow, you always end up spending more than you thought. And it's invariably those pesky little overlooked expenses that throw you off-things like office supplies. Sure, items like pens, pads and tape may seem insignificant, but the costs add up and can have an impact on productivity and profitability. Office superstore Staples offers these tips to help you manage your office-supply expenses better:

Monitor how fast you go through supplies. This will help you know how often to shop and when it's best-and more affordable-to buy in bulk.

Store supplies where they're accessible and easily trackable. But don't leave them out for everyone to see-and take.

Even if you prefer to shop in person, use a catalog to compare prices.

Don't overlook the office-supply store manager. Her or she can be a valuable resource who can help you take advantage of the various products and services available.