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Taking a few workations saved me from burnout and you should too. See how the 'jobs' work.

When you are on the verge of burnout, but it is not an option to ask for a vacation or to give up, some workations can be the best option to travel, relax and work at the same time.

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After more than 18 months working from home, locked between the same four walls, she was on the verge of falling into a critical burnout . Before the pandemic broke out, I already had a good time without leaving the city, so when the confinements and restrictions began, my hopes of traveling were completely dashed. Luckily, the normalization of the home office put a new working modality on the map: workations or 'jobs' .

As it sounds, the concept of workations consists of taking a vacation without stopping work , taking advantage of the fact that many of us can take our office tasks anywhere with a good internet connection.

We know that it is still a bit risky to travel at this time, as the pandemic is not over. That is why I chose one of the safest and most paradisiacal destinations in Mexico: Cancun .

On the one hand, the vast majority of foreign tourists who arrive need to present their vaccination certificate or negative Covid-19 test to leave their countries. And on the other, the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council , in conjunction with the authorities, have been in charge of ensuring that all establishments comply with sanitary measures to avoid infections.

How to choose the ideal place for some workations?

First I considered renting a property from those offered by platforms like Airbnb, settling in a hostel or launching into an all-inclusive hotel, but I thought better of it.

Although the first two options can be very accessible and inexpensive, they did not guarantee me to have everything I need to do my job: a powerful and stable internet connection , a comfortable and quiet workspace , or even an electrical installation that would support all of them. the gadgets that I should connect. On the other hand, the third option involves endless distractions that would prevent me from concentrating on my tasks.

After much research, I found Residence Inn by Marriott Cancun , a new concept based on an attractive premise: "Travel as you live." This place mixes all the freedom of a hostel with the comforts of a luxury resort, but at a more accessible price, and it is also pet friendly !

Image: Courtesy Residence Inn by Marriott Cancún.

As soon as I got to my room, I was surprised to see that, more than a hotel room, it looked like a small apartment .

Each room has a full kitchen equipped with an electric stove, a large refrigerator (instead of the typical frigobares), and all the appliances and utensils necessary to prepare my meals. Something very important if you are a 'freak control' of your diet or your meal times are crazy, as is my case.

It also has a space that doubles as a living room, as well as a desk with a swivel chair and a huge screen that you can turn into a monitor, not to miss the 'office mode'.

Yes, this was my room, beautiful! Image: Residence Inn by Marriott Cancun.

As if that were not enough, the balcony has a direct view of the Cancun mangrove and its impressive turquoise sea. This became my favorite place to take breaks and relax in total privacy, since it is isolated from other people's eyes.

How to make the most of the 'jobs'?

Anyone who works as a freelancer or does a home office knows the importance of establishing work and free time schedules, and I did. Once I defined my working hours, it was very easy to concentrate. Residence Inn by Marriott Cancun is delightfully away from the hustle and bustle of the hotel zone, reducing distractions and temptations.

My days began with a visit to the gym on the ground floor (prior reservation), to later enjoy the included breakfast : a vast and varied assisted buffet, where the staff is in charge of serving you whatever you want; a sanitary measure to reduce contact between people, utensils and food.

Although it is not a beach hotel, you have access to the beach club of the JW Marriott resort whenever you want, they will take you and pick you up in a shuttle . And if you don't want to go out, you can go up to the roof top with pool, bar and panoramic view, to take out your earrings while watching the Caribbean sunset.

Image: Courtesy Residence Inn by Marriott Cancún.

During my week of workations I was able to do everything without sacrificing my professional commitments. One morning, at the end of a Zoom meeting and delivering a couple of projects, I signed up for the Isla Mujeres tour offered by Contoy Adventures , one of the top companies in this area. After snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming and partying a bit aboard the catamaran, I came back more relaxed than ever and was even able to get some work done for the next day.

I decided that, after spending months (years, actually) working tirelessly, I deserved to pamper myself. One night I gave myself a dinner with the exclusive chef Cristian Morales , one of the best-kept gastronomic gems in Cancun.

Another afternoon I went for a walk to one of the must-sees of the place: Plaza La Isla , which now has three themed areas (soon interconnected by a pedestrian bridge) that house the best shops and amenities for several days of shopping , fun and delicious food. . Lastly, I indulged myself with the dishes and mixology of the restaurant and canteen La 3ª Ronda , which in this reactivation stage has a very interesting promotion: on Wednesdays women don't pay. Not to mention more!

Image: Courtesy Plaza La Isla, Cancun.

To maintain my professional image, I will not give details of the party nights in places like the classic and always spectacular Coco Bongo , which even with limited capacity and all the sanitary measures preserves its crazy atmosphere.

Goodbye burnout, hello workations!

It's amazing how simply changing scenery for a few days gave me the much needed respite. Because it is not the same to work in front of the same wall all day, than to do it looking at the sea and feeling the sun.

Just a week ago I was on the brink of burnout , taking pain relievers to help me sleep, and interspersing soothing teas with energy drinks just to stay functional.

Today, I no longer want to throw my computer out the window and I feel ready to continue, because I know that at any moment I can take a few 'jobs' and move on .