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Young people and VIS housing are the axis for the reactivation of construction in Colombia

2021 is turning out to be a historic year for the construction sector, and a good time for young people to buy a home.

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Buying a home is one of the best investments Colombians can make to secure their assets. Today, 1 out of every 8 pesos of investment made in the country is allocated to new housing , and despite the pandemic, this year has been considered the historic moment to acquire a house at low rates, longer terms , fixed installments and with tools such as refinancing.

Understanding this, it can be ensured that the economic reactivation of the construction sector, being one of the most important in the country, is going better than imagined, especially when it comes to the purchase of affordable housing (VIS) . For reference, only in the month of August it reached the historical record of 15,452 units sold. Higher data compared to last year.

There is no doubt that the numbers of new home purchases in Colombia are getting better, but what is really significant about this boom is that young Colombians are buying a house. Contrary to stereotypical ideas about the tastes of young people, the figures show that they are attracted to buying a home and, above all, know how to take advantage of the benefits of different programs, which is supported by government figures, where they are confirms that 41% of the subsidies were requested by people between 18 and 28 years old .

In this sense, it is important to understand that Colombia depends on construction and construction depends on construction companies, the sector is a large part of our gross domestic product and as long as there are political and security guarantees for the private sector, construction will occur and more now at a time when we must all contribute to the processes of economic reactivation of the country and the planet.

From my experience, generating projects in accordance with expectations and generating differentiators so that people are willing to buy is the commitment we have as builders, and for this there are models such as: betting on the construction of housing at the maximum price of VIS, what best located possible and with a quality seal. And in line with this, design a strategy that allows mutual gain for each of the actors in the value chain, such as obtaining lots of important extensions, which the owners are willing to contribute in a trust and remain as partners of the draft. This type of business allows you to work with cash flow, instead of freezing it in the purchase of land. In the same way, it allows the owners to receive a payment at the end of the sales much higher than they would have received for a cash payment and the buyer receives a property with very good characteristics and at a good price.

In other words, once the land issue has been resolved, the focus of the business is to be able to have several simultaneous projects in order to amortize the fixed costs, and as a consequence, build two-bedroom low-income housing or VIS, and stratum 3 projects in neighboring municipalities. main cities.

In summary, whether with the aim of finding a place to live peacefully or to invest, buying a house is no longer impossible to be a certainty and we can say that, 30 years after the right to decent housing, 2021 is becoming a historic year for the construction sector, and a good time for young people to buy a house , breaking the cliches of society.