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Working Smarter: The Key to Growing Revenue and Making Clients Happy

Ambitious entrepreneurs are laser focused on developing great products and services, finding clients, and growing their business. Accomplishing all of that requires hiring the right team and access to the best tools to work productively, improve cash flow, deliver exceptional service to your clients, and get paid faster.


When it comes to growing revenue and delighting clients, many smart business owners rely on the tools and services offered by Square. “At Square, we know that the ways clients interact with businesses is constantly changing, and today clients expect more—they want speed, affordability, and convenience,” says Jesse Lopez, Square’s Product Marketing Lead for Square Invoices.

Here, Lopez shares his tips for how businesses can grow revenue while keeping clients satisfied.

The levers to growing your business.

Understanding. It’s important for businesses to understand what works—and what doesn’t—to properly allocate resources and spend in areas that can help grow revenue. Lopez says, “businesses need to ask, ‘what avenues, like new products, new audiences, or new channels can offer me the most growth potential? Of these options, where am I best positioned to win, in terms of resources, time, and competitive environment?’”

Proactive cash flow.
In today’s “new normal,” getting paid fast is imperative. Square Invoices App, for instance, allows business owners to accept, request, or collect payments (in-person, remotely, or online), and request payments via email, SMS, or payment links. More options mean greater convenience for businesses and clients alike.

Reporting. Without strong reporting tools, it’s difficult to understand the areas in which your business can improve. Businesses that run on Square get a free client relationship management system and real-time reporting tools that help sellers reveal strengths in their business as well as areas for growth. Examples of different ways to use reports in Square include understanding the value of new and repeat clients, tracking services that sell the most over time, and measuring client satisfaction.

Experimenting. “Don’t be afraid to start small and iterate over time,” Lopez encourages. “You can take small steps as long as you have clear expectations and metrics to track if something is successful or not. Experimentation, such as testing pricing models based on billable hours vs. an all-in-one price model, allows you to innovate and stay competitive in a crowded marketplace.”

Keep clients coming back with meaningful transactions.

Improving client relationships is another main driver of revenue growth. The key to gaining—and retaining—clients is creating and nurturing positive relationships with your clients. According to Lopez, “clients have an infinite number of options to choose from, but winning businesses are able to offer memorable, differentiated experiences that delight the client at every stage of their relationship.”

When taking payments, for example, if certain payment options aren’t available to clients, businesses run the risk of losing clients due to inconvenience or frustration. Square enables businesses to accept all types of payment options including credit cards, ACH bank transfer, mobile wallet, and gift-card payments.

When businesses facilitate strong client engagement, they can convert clients into repeated sales and ideally gain spokespeople for their product or service. From the moment new clients discover your product to when they place an order, or even leave a review, “the experience you offer clients through that lifecycle is just as important as the product or service you deliver,” Lopez says.

To learn more about how Square can help your business get paid faster and keep clients happy, visit


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