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The Squid Game is officially Netflix's most-watched series of all time

Netflix announced that the South Korean series has broken records since it premiered in September.

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It's official: The South Korean story The Squid Game , which premiered on September 17, has become the first Netflix series to exceed 100 million views in its first month on the platform.

Seong Gi-hun (actor Lee Jung-jae), protagonista de El Juego del Calamar

Data reported by the EFE Agency reveal that the series directed by Dong-hyuk Hwang has gathered 111 million viewers in just 28 days since its premiere.

In this way, The Squid Game surpassed Netflix's previous success, Bridgerton , which until now was the most viewed on the streaming platform with 82 million views in its first month.

The Squid Game has a 100% score on the Rotten Tomatoes review page and an 8.3 rating from IMDb .

What are the most popular Netflix series?

These are the most viewed series on the streaming platform:

  1. The Squid Game - 111 million views
  2. Bridgerton - 82 million views
  3. The Witcher - 76 million views
  4. Lupine - 76 million views
  5. Sex / Life - 67 million views
  6. Stranger Things 3 - 67 million views
  7. La Casa de Papel T4 - 65 million views
  8. Tiger King - 64 million views
  9. Lady's Gambit - 62 million views
  10. Sweet Tooth - 60 million views

When does the second season of The Squid Game premiere?

Despite the success, The Squid Game has not been renewed for a second season yet.

"I don't have well-developed plans for The Squid Game 2 ," the creator told Variety . “It is quite exhausting to think about it. But if he had to, he certainly wouldn't do it alone. I would consider using a writers' lounge and I would want several experienced directors. "