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Organize a zombie party and win money!

You can start a theme party organization business and start with the Day of the Dead and Halloween.

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By Marissa Sánchez


The first record of a zombie march ( Zombie walk ) comes from Sacramento, California (USA), dated August 19, 2001. From that day on, many people from all over the world declared themselves fans of "the walking dead ”, Their rotten appearance, clothing, and strange eating habits.

At present there are 39 marches in the world, while in Mexico it is already a tradition that has been carried out in October for six years. The taste for the social phenomenon is such in the country Zombie Walk Mexico said that the march had about 30 thousand attendees.

As you will see, the loyal followers of this unique sub-culture represent an important and growing market for those interested in entrepreneurship. One business idea is to offer everything you need for a zombie party in one place.


For a zombie party to be a success, you need zombie guests, bad-looking but good-tasting food and drinks, a terrifying setting and, why not, closing the evening with the classic choreography that Michael Jackson made popular with Thriller in 1983.

A professional fantasy makeup course ranges from $ 1,100 to $ 5,000 - it all depends on how professional you want your creations to look. In addition to the fantasy makeup kit, you will have to invest in other accessories, such as dentures, wigs, and rubber body parts. The goal is to be as "realistic" as possible.

As for the food, the most important thing is the presentation of the food, which should look like something out of a horror movie. In that sense, the biggest investment will come from cookie, chocolate or edible gummy molds (starting at $ 400).

The recommendation is that you look for alliances with event organizers and suppliers so that, for each zombie party, you earn an additional commission, of course, your fees as project leader (approximately $ 12,000).

Examples of success

In Mexico: