What Makes Dubai the Most-Preferred Investment Landscape for Indian HNIs

Currently, the city offers higher yields on rental properties than other markets, standing at roughly 5-9%

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Where you invest your money matters, and specific regions may offer investors more than others opening opportunities to increase returns and gain a substantial footing. Dubai is proving to be one of those regions. An enticing city with so much diversity and potential, investors flock towards Dubai, looking for real estate that holds its value. With higher yields, favorable tax conditions, a vibrant culture, and visa opportunities linked directly to real estate investments, Atinirmal Ghansham Pagarani explains why Dubai is the most preferred investment landscape for Indian high net worth individuals (HNIs).

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A​ realtor and contractor from the Yogi Group, Atinirmal G. Pagarani has worked with countless investors looking to invest in Dubai's prime real estate market. "Dubai is presenting unique opportunities that other top destinations in the world don't have at the moment," states Atinirmal. "At the Yogi Group, we help HNIs realize their goals of investing in other markets successfully with minimal work. We offer complete guidance and service that makes investing in real estate trouble-free." The Yogi Group through its property management division Yogi Real Estate has seen an influx of individuals looking to invest in Dubai thanks to its significant growth trends and increasing quality of life. 

Currently, the city offers higher yields on rental properties than other markets, standing at roughly 5-9%. "Investing in real estate requires finding properties that offer attractive yields, and Dubai has much to offer in that regard," states Atinirmal. "Not only that, but depending on the property value, residency visas can be granted to investors between 2-10 years, making travel to the country enticing." While all positive aspects to be considered, it's vital that entrepreneurs work with a trusted and established partner in the region. 

"​At the Yogi Group, we handle it all from consulting to purchase, land procurement, construction to property maintenance," explains Atinirmal. Property investments can be a lot to manage, so Atinirmal works with HNIs who might be limited on the amount of time they can dedicate to their real estate investments. Atinirmal explains further, "it's all about delegation, and at Yogi Group, whether it be full-scale construction, renovations or changing a light bulb, we get it done, taking the worry out of property investment." If clients are looking for new construction once the land has been procured the experts at Yogi group can handle the entire build from start to finish. Full scale projects are their passion and this allows investors to not only buy a piece of Dubai but also be a part of building this great city. 

With over 15,000 units in their portfolio and more than 45 years of experience, the Yogi Group helps their clients through the entire process from purchasing a property, constructing it, maintaining it, finding tenants, and leasing. "I think it's an exhilarating time to invest in Dubai and realize the potentials of the market," states Atinirmal. "The city is already positioned to do quite well, and trends continue to look very good well into the future." Understanding that Dubai is not only a riveting but also a secure investment Atinirmal G. Pagarani has the insight to navigate the city's potential on behalf of others.