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Elon Musk had some (surprisingly kind) words for William Shatner before spaceflight

Shatner became the oldest person to arrive in space on Wednesday.

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William Shatner is now officially the oldest person to travel to space at age 90, thanks to a successful launch Wednesday on the New Shepard rocket along with three other crew members.

NASA vía Twitter | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Shatner's trip marks the second successful space tourism flight with paid customers, both operated by Jeff Bezos ' aerospace company Blue Origin .

Of course, there has been no shortage of subtle blows (and dare we say subtle jealousy) from SpaceX rival and founder Elon Musk towards Bezos and his successes in space. Although this time, Musk was unusually underrated.

Before Shatner's trip, NASA tweeted good luck to the former Star Trek star along with a photo, saying, “We wish you all the best on your flight into space. You are and always will be our friend. "

Silently, Musk sub-tweeted with words of encouragement for Shatner. "Good luck Captain," he wrote.

In the midst of the two space flights manned by Blue Origin, Musk has not publicly issued any formal congratulatory statement, though he wished Bezos and the crew good luck ahead of their maiden flight in July.

"Best of luck tomorrow," he tweeted below a Blue Origin tweet that included a photo of the crew.

The two billionaires are known to do so on the social media platform. Musk recently made headlines after responding with a silver medal emoji to one of Bezos's tweets that read, "Don't let anyone tell you who you are."

The emoji referenced an earlier joke by Musk in September when he said he would gift Bezos a "silver medal" after topping him on the Forbes billionaires list.

As of Thursday morning, Musk's net worth was estimated at $ 209.2 billion. Bezos's was an estimated $ 192.5 billion.

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