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The 5 actions to avoid being a victim of an internet troll

October is cybersecurity month. Do you know how to handle a cyber bully?

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This October 19 is the "Troll Day" , a well-known figure on the Internet for being a person of unknown identity who publishes provocative, negative or annoying messages, which can also be used as cyberbullying and even for cyberattacks .

October is the month of cybersecurity and we need to become aware of the importance of taking care of this tool that is basic in our day to day life and understand that there are a series of behaviors that can make us more vulnerable, such as falling into a dynamic that can lead to abusive conversations or being the gateway to a much greater affectation.

What are the five tips for handling trolls?

  • Not all trolls are the same. Generally, the person who directs insults or threats is called a "troll", although it can be even more sophisticated to obtain private data, impersonate an identity, distribute malware taking advantage of the flow of conversations that can detonate - and even reach the "doxing", which is collect and make public on social networks all the information that exists on the internet about the victim.
  • Be suspicious. There are more and more users and pages that are potentially fake. Even those that previously used encryption codes such as https, are being violated, so it is essential to take care to click on any link and have cybersecurity solutions for both Wi-Fi and the devices.
  • Take care of your environment: In addition to the controls that can be established such as the separation of Wi-Fi networks between those used for confidential information from those that are openly accessible to the rest of the users, there are various cybersecurity solutions aimed at inspections that allow establishing what type of network traffic needs to be verified.
  • "Don't feed the troll." We know that it can be difficult but it is important to understand that the classic troll seeks to create dynamics that allow them to gain notoriety or that others lose their patience.

We need to be constantly aware that any information we give on the Internet and any click leaves a mark on the digital world; For this reason, cybersecurity must be part of our day to day, and a priority in the case of organizations, companies and even families, especially while we continue with a hybrid format with equal importance between online and face-to-face activities.