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Facebook warns about the interpretation of some leaked documents

Several internal company documents have been leaked to the press who have strongly criticized their content, but the company alleges that they have been misinterpreted.

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This Monday Facebook tweeted that several journalists are working on articles about the leaked documents and that they have misinterpreted the information they found. They have not detailed anything regarding the content of the documents, or what kind of information they contain.


"Right now, more than 30 journalists are finishing a coordinated series of articles based on thousands of pages of leaked documents ... A curated selection of millions of documents on Facebook can in no way be used to draw fair conclusions about us. Internally, we share ongoing work and discussion options ... For those news organizations wishing to move beyond an orchestrated "got you" campaign, we are ready to get involved in the background.- John Pinette, Vice President of Communications " , are some of the words of the thread shared through the Facebook Newsroom account.

Capture from Facebook Newsroom via Twitter.

Earlier this month, former employee Francis Haugen had already leaked documents. In an interview on the 60 minutes program, he assured that he did so because he did not agree with what the company was doing and that those documents proved that they were putting "growth above user safety."

"Obviously, not all Facebook employees are executives; not all opinions are the position of the company," defends the company.

The Wall Street Journal reported on some leaked documents in late September, and these are some of the issues they found:

  • The treatment of celebrities was different

  • Responses to employee concerns about human trafficking were insufficient

  • Faces high demand from some shareholders

  • Has promoted positive stories about themselves

  • They knew that Instagram was a toxic platform for teens and they didn't seek to do anything about it.