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Top 5 healthy fruits that you should include daily in your diet

There are some perfect fruits to achieve and maintain our ideal weight, promote our digestion and provide us with energy.

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Fruits , in addition to being delicious, are fundamental foods in our daily diet , as they favor our health and keep us away from cardiovascular diseases and some types of cancer.

Hal Gatewood vía Unsplash

Although it is advisable to eat the fruits that we like the most, there are some perfect ones to achieve and maintain our ideal weight, promote our digestion, give us energy and a feeling of satiety, as well as improve the appearance of our skin.

Take note because below I will tell you what these fruits are and why it is important that you consume them regularly.


Image: Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

It is delicious, fragrant and has different varieties to choose from: green, red, yellow. But the most important thing is that it helps to detoxify our body due to its high amount of fiber (better if you eat it with the skin!), Which also gives us a feeling of satiety. It also has a diuretic effect, delays the absorption of fats and beautifies our skin. A true prodigy.


Image: Jacek Dylag via Unsplash

Few fruits are as attractive as strawberries: red, beautiful, rich, low in calories and because of its high water content it is ideal for fat loss and control. Strawberry has many vitamins and minerals that help us purify and eliminate toxins from our body. You can eat some pieces after sanitizing them or enjoy them in salads.


Image: aung nyi via Unsplash

A sweet and fresh summer fruit that due to its high water content has a minimal caloric value, so a large slice will not have negative effects on your weight. Plus, it will keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day.


Image: Debora Cardenas via Unsplash

Papaya not only speeds up our metabolism, so we can burn fat much faster, but it also has a satiating effect and prevents us from overeating. Thank you very much papaya!


Image: Nvr Endng Anupam via Unsplash

The last fruit on this list, but not least, is pineapple, which in addition to its delicious flavor relieves constipation, since it has a lot of fiber and helps us eliminate toxins. It is so beneficial!

To finish I will tell you that if you want to stay healthy and radiant, the recommendation of nutritionists is to eat three pieces or servings of fruit every day, preferably before breakfast and between lunch and dinner. Make sure to always include our top five fruits in your super list to have them available at all times.