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Here's Your Opportunity to Own a Franchise in the Hot, Flexible Workspace Industry

Home to brands like Regus, IWG is looking for franchisees with a vision for growth and excellence in operations.

Whether you are familiar with the franchise world or looking to explore a new career path, partnering with a flexible-office provider as a franchisee might be one of the smartest investments.

Courtesy of Regus

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the flexible workspace industry was on pace to grow from less than 5 percent of commercial real estate to more than 30 percent by 2030. Now, as companies across the world have discovered first-hand that their workforces can be highly engaged and productive while utilizing the “hybrid” way of working, the demand for flexible workspaces is on fire. By next year, the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion people.

Since hybrid employees split time between working from home and the office, a growing number of businesses around the world are opting for flexible workspaces rather than owning or renting a dedicated office of their own. Flexible workspaces offer a variety of different environments for businesses and individuals to do work without the expenses and headaches associated with traditional office ownership.

That’s where Regus comes in. With globally recognized flexible office-space brands as a part of the collective International Workplace Group (IWG) network, Regus is seeking individual, multi-unit and regional franchisees with a vision for growth and excellence in operations. Across thousands of locations worldwide, IWG offers its franchise partners practical advice on opening new centers in the best locations, finding the right premises and structuring floor plans to maximize revenue, as well as business development support to ensure that investments are performing at optimum levels of return. Franchise partners are also able to leverage the name recognition and established sales and marketing channels of Regus, as an IWG brand.

After more than tripling the number of new franchised centers globally in the first half of 2021, bringing its total customer base to 7 million, and adding 2 million users so far this year, IWG recently signed its first franchise partner in the U.S. and is focused on expanding its stateside footprint. As part of its 3,300+ location global network, multinational corporations like Standard Chartered and NTT minimize their exposure and risk as the world of work changes, while their employees enjoy greater flexibility in their working lives, along with the associated reductions in commuting time and costs.

A trusted partner, proven results, and a massive opportunity.

Regus’ franchise model is a proven business model with healthy returns that presents an accessible, fully supported and easy-to-operate business opportunity. The benefits of partnering with an operator of more than 30 years’ standing with a robust operating model include:

  • The opportunity to open a tried-and-tested business model in an unsaturated yet high-demand industry
  • Advice on the best location to open centers
  • Support finding the right buildings
  • Help structuring floor plans to maximize revenue
  • IT and marketing services
  • Established sales and marketing channels
  • Business development and business performance review support to ensure the franchise partner’s investment is performing at an optimum level of return

With the flexible workspace market growing so fast, it is one of the most exciting growth markets in the world and is arguably the next franchise frontier.

Click here to learn more about this booming opportunity and becoming a Regus franchise partner today.


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