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RE/MAX Partners With Seabury & Smith, HealthInsurance.com, To Help Realtors To Get Health Insurance


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Los Angeles-RE/MAX Realtors has partnered with Health.Insurance.com, a company that helps small businesses better access health insurance for their employees by leveraging the efficiency of the Internet, and Seabury & Smith, a provider of insurance programs for affinity organizations, to deploy a new service that will make it easier for their 48,000 sales associates nationwide to acquire health insurance.

The unique strategic alliance provides a customized, co-branded site on the RE/MAX intranet, RE/MAX MainStreet, that guides RE/MAX affiliates through the process of purchasing health insurance using the proprietary Web-based service of HealthInsurance.com.

HealthInsurance.com provides small-business coverage through its service. As part of the RE/MAX partnership, Seabury & Smith will broker all requests for individual insurance coverage through HealthInsurance.com. -Business Wire