A Digitalpreneur On Top Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Gianni Senesi stands tall as a serial entrepreneur, marketing and Instagram growth expert, and digital marketing guru who wants industry professionals to constantly innovate

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The closer we look around ourselves, the more we realize how things have been on a constant rise since the last few years, owing to the tremendous developments and advancements the world has been experiencing across industries and sectors. These advancements are not just the result of the changing times and trends of the world, but most importantly, of the immense hard work, commitment, dedication and relentless drive of young entrepreneurs and professionals, who have put every possible effort into turning their chosen industries successful. The digital space is one which is amongst the most developing industries today that has immersed almost all other industries and sectors and has given umpteen numbers of opportunities for people, brands and businesses to grow in ways more than one. Several entrepreneurs and digital professionals emerged due to the digital wave, who today are leaving no stone unturned to create waves in the industry and take it to the 'next level', harnessing the power of social media tools, digital opportunities and various digital marketing techniques. We came across one such highly driven and high-performing serial entrepreneur named Gianni Senesi, who has been defying the odds, questioning the status quo and creating waves in the digital space as a man of multiple talents. He has emerged as a one-of-a-kind digital marketing guru, marketing and Instagram growth expert, and digital marketer.


Hailing from Italy, it won't be wrong to say that Gianni Senesi has pushed the envelope and gone against the waves to lead people, brands and businesses to exponential growth and success as a true-blue digitalpreneur making his name gradually across the world. To enter any field and go ahead in creating one's unique niche may seem like a rosy road, but in reality, it isn't, warns Gianni Senesi, who wants people to know that to survive and thrive in any industry, the key is to adapt to the changes and trends of that industry and choosing to innovate constantly. He points out that digital marketing is that one thing that can help brands and businesses create their unique standing in their respective niches and give them the success and growth they seek.

For the same, the young digitalpreneur has come forward to throw some light on how businesses and people can continue to experience growth in 2021 and how they can optimize digital marketing strategies and tools effectively and efficiently. Hence, he lays out a few digital marketing trends to look out for this year.

Optimizing social media features: Gone are the days when people only took social media platforms as a way to socialize with others and make friends. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have now turned more into business platforms that can take individuals and businesses to even the untapped markets that they did not even imagine reaching earlier. Gianni Senesi says that apart from using platforms for publishing content, people must now focus on optimizing the various features of social media that offer specialized advertising and marketing services. For example, Facebook is now increasingly used for online advertisements. They are also directed towards a specific target audience and can only be seen by those that are selected as per Facebook's targeting software. Hence, utilizing these advertising and marketing services must be given utmost importance for improving visibility and reach.

Creating tailored experiences: Apart from only directing advertisements towards customers, it is important to focus on how brands can create tailored experiences for their target customers. With various digital technologies, more and more people are now getting used to personalized online experiences tailored as per their behaviours, interests, demographics and preferences. Businesses must collect and analyze the data of their existing and potential customers and change their digital marketing strategies based on that, says Gianni Senesi. Segmenting audiences has become of great importance to businesses as they have become aware of how they can reach to a broader audience, which can lead to optimum retention. Directing the marketing efforts towards audiences who are most likely to respond bring about great results and success.

Use of effective email marketing: Many people think that email marketing has become a thing of the past, but Gianni Senesi has a different opinion. He can't emphasize enough how important email marketing is and going to remain for years. Though it has been around for more years in the industry, unlike other digital marketing strategies and techniques, its essence and power have yet not been lost, think many experts of the industry. The truth is that it is still relevant in 2021, and that's how powerful and effective a strategy it is. He says that action-triggered emails and the automated distribution of time to the subscribers and the email list with information that is useful and relevant can generate enormous engagement. It still remains a highly effective marketing technique, where brands and businesses can create automated email campaigns, which can allow them to earn more leads, revenues and sales. A few examples of email automation are birthday or seasonal greetings, and automated blog updates, etc., which has the power to sustain the existing customer's interest.

Direct interaction with customers: With age-old or traditional marketing strategies, it was not possible to interact with customers, know their opinions or reviews. This somehow hindered the growth of companies as they couldn't know what really their customers thought of them or the experiences they had with their products or services. However, now, in the 21st century, everything has become possible with social media platforms and other digital platforms like websites, where customers can give ratings, leave reviews and share their genuine experiences. This is extremely important, says Gianni Senesi, who believes that social media platforms have given an opportunity to businesses and brands to directly chat and have a one-to-one conversation with their customers. He says that the latest trend is to hold more conversations with the audiences, encouraging them to give genuine feedbacks so that as a brand and company, they can better themselves, which ultimately can pose them as a brand that cares and is concerned to improve themselves for providing better customer experiences, eventually leading to better customer satisfaction.

In a world that is run by digital platforms today, which has immersed every possible industry, the most important aspect is for businesses to keep interacting with their existing as well as potential customers. All of the points mentioned above by Gianni Senesi explains how essential it is to always focus on giving the best customer experiences to people, which can lead to repeat purchases, positive reviews and amazing word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family.

Gianni Senesi also explains that digital marketing requires a well-defined, clear, and strategic approach, which can help prosper people and businesses in ways they did not even imagine before. For taking out the best results from digital marketing, people not only have to trust digital marketers and entrepreneurs but also have to believe in their company's visions, strive for excellence and choose to walk in trends of the industry to inspire greatness and take their brand or business forward to enormous success and growth.

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