Choice For Patients, Choice For Prescribers: The New Innovation In Dermatology

Prescriber's Choice is gearing up to kick off a digital complement to its custom medicine offering, the Choice Derm Locator

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Tens of millions of patients in the U.S. suffer from dermatologic conditions for which they do not seek treatment from a qualified provider. A USA-based innovator in the dermatology space and the original source for FDA Regulated customized skin medicines, Prescriber’s Choice, wants to change that with a new platform giving “Choice” to both the patients and the providers, all the while putting the doctor-patient relationship at the center of it all.   


Prescriber’s Choice is gearing up to kick off a digital complement to its custom medicine offering, the “Choice Derm Locator”, that will empower patients to find a “Choice Derm” to support their dermatologic needs and give providers the opportunity to see patients in the manner they feel is best and most efficient, in a frictionless, efficient environment, and the “Choice” to provide custom medicines.

We spoke to the co-founder and CEO, Dr. Spencer Malkin, to get a sneak peek at what Prescriber’s Choice has in store next: “Our past six years of growth have always been built on our relationship with dermatology providers nationwide. Educating new patients about their practices is the ultimate next step in our growth together. The Choice Derm Locator will be what puts all of these pieces together for us and our dermatology partners.”

On the patient side, the “Choice Derm Locator” will offer patients the “Choice” to find and select a qualified dermatology specialist based on criteria that meets their needs, including the type of visit and customized medicine offering. According to Dr. Malkin, “our data shows that patients appreciate the importance of working with their prescriber to receive customized, accessible, and affordable medicines.” In fact, Prescriber’s Choice reports that nearly 9 in 10 patients have indicated that they would prefer to receive custom medicines directly from their prescriber. Dr. Malkin also noted “the enormous size of the total addressable marketplace of people that suffer from dermatological disorders, but that don’t see a dermatologist. Our goal is to bridge that gap.”

On the prescriber side, providers will have the “Choice” to see their patients in the manner they feel is best and access to a full library of customized medications. The Choice Derm program is will soon take physician requests for registration and will be live for patients in the coming months. Dermatology specialists can opt in to become identified as Choice Derm providers, which will include Choice Derm accreditation and support. Dr. Malkin emphasized that “the critical piece here is that patients are building a true relationship with their prescriber. Rather than being limited to mass-produced treatments that are often dictated and contracted by payers and may be problematic for some patients, providers and patients can choose to receive custom medicines suitable for them. The prescriber-patient relationship that is so central to patient health, which is lost with many online medicine access portals, helps ensure the continuum of care that supports patient health.”

Prescriber’s Choice is used to path-breaking innovations, currently offering over 120 different drug combinations, all of which are manufactured in an FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility to treat over a dozen dermatologic conditions (like acne, rosacea, melasma and hair loss). These formulas are backed by unique customizations by dermatological providers who remove common allergens and irritants, adjust dosage forms and potencies, and then combine multiple ingredients to deliver a tailored pharmaceutical solution for their patients. Prescriber’s Choice allows dermatologists to dispense these medications to patients at the time and place of their office visit under. It also has the technology to ship prescriptions directly to a patient’s home.

In preparation for the Choice Derm launch, last month the company announced the expansion of their facility in Florida, with an additional state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to meet the growing demand. 

“As a society we have moved past a one-size-fits-all lifestyle, and technology has made it so we are better able to meet people’s needs,” said Dr. Malkin, “and we have brought this same mindset to dermatology with a focus on supporting the prescriber-patient relationship and to ensure quality for every patient.

All patients deserve a Choice. Prescriber’s Choice is committed to helping them find their Choice Derm.”

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