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Amazon truck 'delivers' woman in viral video

A video from TikTok shows a woman getting out of a company delivery van and leads users of the social network to create different theories.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

"Amazon has taken over different markets, is it that now it wants to beat the taxi market to Uber?" It is one of the many theories that the viral video unleashed in which we can see how a company parcel delivery van parks in a residential area, opens the back door and lets out a woman.


The video was recorded from a high place in the buildings opposite, so the user in question had no way of knowing the context of the event.

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According to netizens, it is a suspicious matter for several reasons. To begin with, it is nice that it is a delivery service that has “given the girl a ride”, the clothing she brings also makes noise since it was taken in the morning and the woman in question is wearing a black dress that is she would use more commonly at a party, someone helps her out of the vehicle as if it were her job or if it were an acquaintance and also, it seems that she does not live where she was left as she is walking away from the residence.

All these details have left users wondering what happened and, as always, creating theories about it. No one knows the facts themselves, but that hasn't stopped people's imaginations. There are some who believe that the driver is an acquaintance of hers who asked for a ride after going to party, while the person was working. Another theory, which was more of a joke, is that Amazon will start a taxi service, among others.

With only that video it is impossible to know what the real context was, but perhaps the woman realizes that her morning went viral on social networks and publicly share what happened.