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Las Vegas auction sells Picasso works for more than $ 108 million

Eleven works by Pablo Picasso were sold, including a portrait of his lover and source of inspiration, Marie-Thérèse Walter.

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Last Saturday, just two days after celebrating Pablo Picasso 's 140th anniversary, the Sotheby's house auctioned 11 of the painter's works in Las Vegas.

Among the pieces participating in the auction are two representative portraits of the painter made in the last years of his life: "Homme et enfant" ("Man and child") at 24,393,000 million dollars, and "Buste d'homme" (" Bust of a Man ”) at 9,456,000 million. This painting was sold below the price initially estimated at 10 million.

These works were presented in the 1970 exhibition at the Palais des Papes in Avignon in southern France, painted by the artist between January 5, 1969 and February 2, 1970.

The most outstanding work of this auction was “Femme au béret rouge-orange” (“Woman with a red-orange hat”), one of the last portraits that the artist made of Marie-Thérèse Walter, the artist's muse and lover. The work sold for $ 40.5 million.

The rest of the works auctioned were a couple of ceramics, several works on paper and a couple of still lifes.

Wax figure of Pablo Picaaso in Thailand. Image:

The perfect pretext to talk about investments

If you have ever been curious to invest in art, the main benefit is that the value of the piece is doubled or it can be tripled, depending on its age and specific characteristics.

There are some recommendations before investing in art:

  • It is very important to be aware that collectors, art buyers, gallery owners and the artists themselves maintain the prices of their works.
  • When buying art, it is necessary to check that everything is in order.
  • You can start by acquiring works by emerging artists.
  • It is necessary to consider some details about the artists from whom you want to acquire a piece: do you have a solid career? Have you already exhibited your work in a museum, in other countries? Do you have an artistic collection or gallery?
  • Search auction houses, individuals, galleries and learn about all the artistic currents that exist so that you know more about art and make the right investments.