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Maintaining The Marketing Status Quo

If you're trying to generate more business, don't go changing to try to please your customers.

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Restraint is your ally when it comes to marketing. Resist your natural inclination to change things. Don't jump from a print ad in a magazine one month to a radio spot the next month, then to distributing fliers in the neighborhood the next. Altering the message in your ads is another no-no. Customers need to know they can lean on you, and if you're constantly changing your message, your identity and your media, you'll be too elusive for most people.

While there is some debate about the aesthetic value of using billboard advertising, a couple who own a music store spent an entire year's worth of their marketing budget working with an agency to generate six colossal billboard advertisements. The ads, which each featured a magnificent photo of an instrument, were placed selectively along routes that were traveled by people who fit their ideal demographic profile. People began to talk about the images and anticipated when the next one would appear. The message and the medium were constant, and their profits were, too.

Excerpted from 303 Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Business