ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 Processor: Business PCs Built For The Anywhere Workplace

Choosing the right business PCs is no longer a simple thing- gone are the days of just ordering desktops for office workers and laptops for road warriors.

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Choosing the right business PCs is no longer a simple thing- gone are the days of just ordering desktops for office workers and laptops for road warriors. The new reality of work means that things may not go back to “normal” for awhile- and your teams need PCs that can adapt to in-office, at-home, and offsite scenarios, or a mixture of them all.


In 2021, companies expect 23% of employees will work from home (WFH) some of the time, while 26% will WFH all the time. The BBC reports also a growing trend “to designate certain days for in-office meetings and collaboration, and remote days for work involving individual focus.”

What if your business PCs made working everywhere easier- not only for your employees, but also for IT? See the six ways ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor can help you adapt to the workplace evolution.

1. Equip every employee to work everywhere.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT “Remote work” can mean different things to different workers. Whether employees are working from home or returning to the office a few days a week, changing workspaces require flexible tools.

YOUR PIVOT Learn what individual workers need, then be confident you’ll find it in the versatile line of the ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor:

• Portable tablets and mode-flipping convertibles

• Durable, ultra-light laptops

• Powerful desktops for diverse digital projects

• Space-saving All-in-Ones (AiOs)

• Docking stations for a seamless transition between home and office

2. Put employee experience at the forefront.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT More focus on employee experience is the top-ranked HR priority in 2020, and great technology is the cornerstone. If you equip workers with minimum-performing, un-ergonomic devices that deliver a frustrating day-to-day work experience, you reap lower productivity and employee satisfaction in return.

YOUR PIVOT The powerful performance and people-first design of ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor and accessories don’t just help your people get more done, faster. They also feel more valued (and comfortable) while they work. From onboarding new employees to upgrading a home office, the ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor ecosystem gives your workforce a top-quality experience.

3. Put collaboration into overdrive.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT Rearranged office spaces. Split work schedules. WFH. With almost every team now a virtual team, workplace collaboration has become a no-contact sport. A June 2020 survey revealed that 39% of people said difficulty collaborating was their number-one reason for being unproductive while sheltering in place.

YOUR PIVOT Give your workers collaboration-ready tech for the new world of the digital huddle. Many ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor come with Wi-Fi 6 and 5G connectivity for uninterrupted work, AI noise cancellation for home background distractions, and HP SureShutter for instant privacy.

4. Accessorize for a more productive workday.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT A makeshift setup can suffice in the short term, but comfort matters for the long haul. Employees need a complete set of flexible, ergonomically designed home and office tech accessories so that they can do their best work.

YOUR PIVOT The ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor is an ecosystem with accessories built for employee comfort:

• Monitors with HP Eye Ease, which removes harmful blue light

• Lightweight laptops that are part of our sanitizable portfolio

• Portable wireless headsets and mice that go wherever work takes them

5. Give your PC fleet built-in protection.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT While IT teams are refining their approach to offsite employee access -and workers continue to adjust to anywhere, anytime productivity- cyber attackers haven’t missed a beat. They’re constantly searching for weaknesses in newly remote endpoints. And they’re finding them, from unsecured routers to shared home networks.

YOUR PIVOT Self-healing ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor PCs protect, detect, and recover from cyberattacks before they become a problem. With built-in, hardware-enforced security features below, in, and above the OS, HP PCs deliver less reliance on third-party security software, less manual installation, and more ability to remediate issues remotely.

6. Manage and support devices- everywhere.

THE WORKPLACE SHIFT Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind, but more devices in more places makes device visibility and management more complicated. A mobile, hybrid home-and-office PC fleet needs powerful remote management tools that enable IT to resolve issues from anywhere. Because when your PCs are down, your workers are, too.

YOUR PIVOT Keep everything under control with the remote management features in ProBook 650 G8 Powered By Intel® Core™ i7 processor. HP Sure Admin enables secure remote access to device firmware settings. HP Client Security Manager makes it easy to strengthen login security with multifactor authentication. And Windows 10 Pro supports Microsoft SCCM remote endpoint management.

Source: HP

Evolve your business PC strategy.

Workplace evolution will mean different things to different companies, but one thing is universal- the right tech ecosystem can make the transition to the new normal of work easier for employees and IT, too.

Get as close as you can to business as usual with premium PCs with strong security that empower your people to take on today’s challenges- wherever they are. Check out HP Wolf Security for Business.

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